Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Looking Back at Year 1...Day 2 :)

One of my main goals at Little Orso is to share things that other "larger" shopping blogs may not share.  Such as family run businesses, charities, and businesses with a purpose.

Today I want to look back to two great businesses that were both started for a reason.

The first is Arizona Sunshine Girls, we first shared this company back in July.  Click here to read all about them.

At the time I was only featuring items for boys on Little Orso.  However my friend Emalee asked me if we could share her sister's store.  Her store had adorable things for little girls, but more importantly she started the store to raise money for her upcoming lung transplant.  How could I say no? But in all honesty sharing her store ended up being good for me too.  I got a ton of emails thanking me for sharing items for little girls. 

It was that day that I realized that by only sharing boy items, I was doing the exact thing that had driven me to start my blog in the first place. (leaving someone out).  From that day on I decided to change the intentions of Little Orso, from only items for boys to items for everyone.  (I still do share a little bit more for boys though, because it is still hard to find items for them.)

I am happy to report that Sarah, the owner of Arizona Sunshine Girls, is currently feeling good and her store is doing great.

Another favorite store is Angel Baby Pins... first featured here.  Angel Baby Pins was started by a friend of mine named Kandis.  She lost her son Isaiah, three years ago this month.  Since then she has done so much for the baby loss community.  From donating memory boxes, to offering support to those around her.  She is just a genuinely good person.

Sadly Kandis has had some trouble with infertility, and started this store as a way to help with IVF funds.    Her pins have become a favorite in the baby loss community, and with anyone looking for a way to raise money or bring awareness to a cause.    Her pins are amazing, and even more beautiful in person.  I recently wore mine to an infant loss walk.  It made me so happy to look down at it, that I decided I wanted to take it everywhere with me. So I pinned it to the interior of my car.  My angel now sits above me as I drive. <3

Businesses like this typically get overlooked in mainstream America, but hopefully we will have the ability to keep sharing items like this with you.


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