Friday, December 30, 2011

**Mommy Deals**

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Little Orso Book Shelf

Our latest favorite is "Charlie the Ranch Dog.".  It is written by Ree Drummond (aka The Pioneer Woman).  I have been reading her blog for a while, she has great recipes and I love reading about ranch life.  Ree wrote a children's book earlier this year about her dog Charlie.  The book is hilarious, but what really makes it a favorite are the illustrations!!  My son loves to read this book at least three times a day.  Charlie reminds us of our Jack (who is a Lhasa Apso but acts a lot like Charlie).

Charlie is a bacon loving Basset Hound.  The book is written through his perspective.  He brings you along for a typical day on the ranch.  You will laugh out loud when you realize the discrepancy between Charlie's idea of the day, and what really happens!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Favorite Christmas Present!!

Today I am going to share our favorite Christmas present... The Kindle Fire!!!

We decided to pool all of our Amazon giftcards together, and buy a family Kindle.  We already had the first edition Kindle, but wanted a Kindle Fire to use with our son.  Initially I wanted a portable DVD player, but changed my mind after listening to everyone laugh at me for being in the Iceages (just to give you some background I still have a VCR and watch my complete 90210 VHS boxset on it (the real 90210...not this new crap ).  We wanted something we could take in the car, or on a plane, or use in his room to watch videos on.  He loves to dance and sing along to these shows, and sometimes it is the only way we can get him to stop crying.

I am so happy we went with the Kindle Fire!!  It does so much more than a portable dvd player.  We have downloaded his favorite movies and shows, and we have an app that sends us new kids books every week for free!!  The books move and are professionally narrated.  We also found an inexpensive accessory on Amazon that allows us to mount the Kindle in the car. It ended up being the less expensive and much lighter route to go (the Kindle is even lighter than the Ipad).  

I can't recommend it enough.  If this was all it did, I would be happy with my purchase!!  However I also get magazines sent to it, check Facebook and email, have top news stories on one page, listen to audio books, read E books, watch tv shows and movies (most are free with my Amazon Mom membership- which is also free) etc...

The only issue we have now is who gets to use it.  The second my son goes to sleep, my husband and I both reach for it.  I think we may need to save up for a second one!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's Getting Hot in Here...

I am always on the hunt for cool and different things...

This one caught my eye for two reasons.  

1. Who doesn't want cool colored water??  It is like heading to Vegas every time you use the bathroom:)

2. This would be great as a back up method to make sure my son does not burn himself in the bathroom.  I say back up, because I don't trust anything but my own hand to test the temperature of his water.  It also would make bath time and toothbrush time more exciting!!

It is just a simple attachment that you can screw on easily. They sell a version for the shower and the sink!! If you get bored you can turn them on two different temperatures and have your own little dance party;)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Looking Dapper!!

A mom friend of mine told me about this local line called Jannuzzi.  I went to their site and fell in love with so many things!!!  

I am definitely ordering a bowtie onesie for now, and a 1 year old shirt for my son's birthday!!

The bowtie and buttons are actually a mink like fabric...not just painted on!!! :)  I have seen a lot of tie onesies and shirts, but this is the first bowtie one!!...and I am in love!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

**Mommy Deals**

Snapfish- Buy one get 2 free on select merchandise (and free shipping), with code FSHIPDEC (through 12/27)

Disney- They are having their 50% off sale (on select items), and you can get  free shipping.  Use code SHIPFIFTY

Gap- Online 30% with code GAPMERRY.  In stores 40% off of everything today only!!

Victoria Secret- Semi Annual Sale is going on.  Get free shipping (orders $100+) with code VS100.

Children's Place- 30% off order with code SANTA free shipping with code REDSEA; and 30% off (orders of $60+) with code CASPEAN. $5 off of every Pampers case you buy (can use this code on multiple orders) PAMPERSAVE

Steve Madden- 25% off and free shipping with code PRESENT25

Different, Contrary, Incommensurable, Offbeat, Unalike...

Today I thought I would share some gift options, that are anything but "ordinary"!!!

I am terrified of staph infection, what a better way to get over it than to cuddle with it!!!

A new take on hand and shadow puppets. 

A different kind of bedtime story. When those you are afraid of are scared!!!!

Why grow a garden of pretty flowers?? When you can grow a garden of Carnivores (venus fly trap, sundew plant)

What a cool rattle??!! They also have taxis, firetrucks, and footballs!!

When regular Legos are just too boring!!  It's time to make the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

These Make Me Want To Organize!! (more;) )

Whenever I have free time, I like to organize my house.  I am a little obsessed!!  That is why when I see cute things like this I try to justify a new organizational project. Today's rationale is my son will need more storage for his Christmas gifts;)

All of these items come from the website giggle.

Fox Storage Bin

Alligator Wall Organizer

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Want This!!!

So I had another I want this moment, and then I saw the second picture of the shirt....

 ...and decided I NEED it!!  I love the elbow patches.  It comes from one of my new favorite sites Zara.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bells Will Be Ringing...

I am not a huge fan of kids clothes that say the holiday all over them (ie Baby's First Thanksgiving, Baby's First Christmas...).  However sometimes you have no choice, due to lack of options.

Here are some cute items that I found that don't state the obvious, but still get the holiday message across:)

     I wish this reindeer coat came in my size!!!!

...and who doesn't need an elf hat??

All items can be found at Le Top.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside...

Here are two cute kids' scarves, at two different price points.

 This dog scarf is from Macys, and retails for $15.99.

The dog scarf is from Estella, and retails for about $75.

Both are adorable options for keeping your little one warm!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ahoy Matey!!

We are in a stay at home build a fort kind of mode today, so my item of the day is something I wish we had...

It is a pop up pirate tent, by Schilling.  The best part, besides the cool pirate flag on top, is that it easily folds down so you can store it under a bed or in a closet.  Today we will be building our fort the old fashioned way (pillows and blankets).  

Here is a fun craft to do, for all of you sailing the seven seas with us today...

I found this on a great kids craft site:

Here's how you make it...

1. Unfold your large piece of newspaper completely.

2. The amount you cut (or don't cut) from your newspaper will determine the size of your hat. We cut ¼ of the newspaper off so that it would fit a 3 year old. This size will most likely work best for 3-6 year olds. For older children you don't have to cut any off at all.

3. Fold your newspaper in half.

4. Fold both outer corners down, meeting in the middle.

5. Put a couple of pieces of scotch tape on each triangle.

6. You'll notice that there are two pieces of newspaper at the bottom of the hat. Take one piece and fold it up, secure with tape if you want; then turn the hat over and fold the other paper up.

7. Cut out the Jolly Roger from the center of the paper (keep the scraps, you'll be using them in the next step). Use the template as a stencil: Place the paper over top of the center of your hat and brush paint over top. Remove the paper and you'll have your Jolly Roger printed on your hat. Younger children will find the paint easier, older children can use a marker in the stencil. Note: You will need to print the Jolly Roger Stencil on heavy paper if you want to use it for more than one hat.

8. Cut out the eyes and nose from the cut out stencil and glue them in place, and you're all done your Newspaper Pirate Hat!

Friday, December 16, 2011

**Mommy Deals**

Pottery Barn Kids- Free shipping on all orders (but furniture), with code FREESHIP

Leapfrog- Free shipping on all orders, no code needed.  Today only!!

FAO Schwartz-$25 off of your order of $150+, with code 948347 free shipping on all orders, no code needed.

Macys- 20% & free shipping, with code SAVEMORE

Gap- 20% off of all orders, with code GAPCHEER.

JcPenney- $10 off of your order of $25+, with code BESANTA

The Stationary Studio- 10% off of your order of $75+, with code HOLIDAY2011. (this one gives you more off depending how much you spend)

Express- $25 off of every $100 you spend, with code 9496.

Kohls- Save 15% on your order, with code STOCKING15

Oriental Trading Company- Free Shipping on all orders.  Post a comment with your email address, or email me at, and I will email you the friends pass.

Jcrew- 30% off entire purchase, with code CHEER.

Mrs. Beasleys- Free shipping, with code HOLSHIP.

Melissa & Doug-Free upgraded shipping, with code FREESHIPZERO (Today only!!)

Little Orso Book Shelf- Holiday Edition!!

Here are three great holiday books, that you should grab or check out from your local library!!!

1. Merry Christmas Curious George by Mary O'Keefe Young.  George and the Man in the Yellow hat go to pick out their Christmas tree, and George gets lost in the tree.  He ends up getting delivered to the Children's hospital in the tree.  It is a cute story, with a nice message for kids.


2. I Spy a Candy Cane by Jean Marzollo.  This is one of the fun "I Spy books", but in this edition you are searching for holiday items.  Fun for all ages, and great pictures!!

3. Mo Smells Christmas by Margaret Hyde.  This book is not only a cute story about a dog discovering Christmas, but it has special smell feature built in.  By pushing a button you get to smell everything that Mo does.  So fun!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Last night I was out shopping, and saw the cutest thing...

I saw the Trumpette Howdy Cow mentioned online a few months back, however after seeing it in person I am in love!!! They come in a few colors, but I am partial to the standard colored one (black and white).  They are made from phthalate free rubber, and are made for kids to bounce on. (Secretly I think we could bounce on them too!!) 

You just just to inflate them, and then let the fun begin!!  They are measure 22" long, 18" tall from its feet to the tip of the ears.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just a Little Something

Today I decided to share some of my favorite last minute gifts, or stocking stuffers...

The Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes is a radio that makes music, and the lights flash. It is great for newborns through 18 months.

 The Twilight Hypercolor Thinking Putty, is putty that changes colors according to temperature.  The temperature of the room, or your hands will change it.  Just throw it in the fridge when you want it to go back to the original state.  It is great for all ages (that do not put things in their mouths)

Mickey Mouse Tshirt it is available from size 12-18months through 5t at Old Navy.

This is one of the new Pee Wee Pillow Pets.  They are about half the size of the originals (yet still as cute and fluffy).  These would be great for travel, or to take in the car or stroller for naps.

This is really cool.  All you need is this kit and your Ipad, and you have a fully animated racetrack.  You can drive the cars right on the screen, and it will adjust to the car's movements.

This Caterpillar Gear Puzzle is fun for the young ones.  They can take the pieces out and rearrange them anyway that they like. Then when they are in an order they like, they can start turning away.  It will amaze little ones that all the pieces will move, by just turning the one gear.

 Who wouldn't love this cute Brobee Beanie??  It is a one size fits all youth beanie, that will definitely get some compliments.

I have been told that these (Trash Pack Trashies) are this generations Garbage Pail Kids.  They are gross little figurines, which come in their own trashcan.  Just like all things like this...the more you have the better!!  You could break a set like this up, and have a few little gifts for last minute visitors.  Or leave it to together for one lucky little one.

The Decorate Your Own Door Hanger is great for the creative kid, or the ones that just wants to make it very clear whose room this is.

 This Angry Bird Stuffed Animal  makes all of the fun sounds from the game.  It is fun for any Angry Bird fan!!  Just give it a squeeze!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Love Love Love....

Today's post is pretty self explanatory...these are things I love and want for my son:)

Mini Rodini Lincoln Parka- Thumbeline

Adidas Dragon CMF I- Pipperlime

Oscar the Grouch Hat- Old Navy

Creative Rainbow Curve Blocks- Whirlygigs Toy Shop

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