Thursday, October 18, 2012

Giveaway 4, Day 4

I know how hard it is to find time in your busy day to do anything, especially read my little blog.  That is why I wanted this week to be all about thanking you for a fabulous year!!

I wanted our birthday to be "a real thank you" to those of you that come back every I tried to fill this week with things that I would want to win.  I can honestly say that I want every single one of them, and wish that I could enter my own giveaways:) 

This next item is definitely on my "want" list.

A few months ago I featured these adorable charm necklaces from Stella and Dot.  My good friend Heather, is a top stylist with Stella and Dot and introduced me to their beautiful items.  This company does so much good, and offers beautiful items at affordable prices.  Here is the original post

Can you honestly tell me that you do not want everything off of their site??

I asked Heather for something fun to give away. And she gave me something that I know you all will want....

This item is sold out!!  It is the Pave Double Bar Necklace from Stella and Dot.  This is your only chance to get it.  It looks great long and alone, or twisted and layered.

To enter this giveaway head over to Heather's site, and tell me which item is your favorite in the comments below.  

Yes, one step to be entered to win a fabulous necklace. 

I had her set us up our very own link, so that way you can make a wishlist for the holidays, and ask her questions about all of the items.  Heather is fun, and knows everything about Stella and Dot.

Just like the other giveaways, you can leave the comment anonymously (meaning that you do not have to log in). But if you do please put your first name and the first letter of your last name in the comment. (ie Carrie D)

This giveaway ends today 10/18, at 11:59pm (pst)!!  So hurry!!

The winner will be randomly picked used

Good luck!!

We know how sad the end of a celebration can be, so we wanted to remind you that today is not the end;)  We are celebrating all week, and promise to go out with a "bang" tomorrow!!!


Jaime said...

I am in loooove with the new scarves! Most especially the pink Bryant Park.

My aunt is a S&D stylist and there is always SO much that I want to order... too bad my wallet won't allow! Haha!

Thanks again for yet another opportunity!

x <3 o

Cally Mitchell said...

So cute!!! I've never heard of this company before, but just from browsing I found something that I REALLY liked!! It's the Mercer Zip Wallet in Black Snake.. I really love wallets, and this would be a really cute one to go in my collection! :)

Amy said...

So hard to choose a favorite but I will have to say the Watch Over You Necklace!!!

Jamie Bickford said...

I love the Riviera Coin Necklace! It's on my Christmas wishlist this year, so we'll see if the husband actually buys it!

Randi said...

Just found your adorable blog, and it looks like it was just in time! I would say my favorites are either the scarves (all of them), or the olivia bib necklace...but really, what's not to love!?

Shelby ... Stella's Momma said...

So many beautiful items to choose from, but the Odette Cuff caught my eye immediately! I would love to wear this while dressed up or even with some jeans, t-shirt and boots! Pretty sure Iza would love to play with it, too!

Mandi said...

So many beautiful things. But hands down, my favorite item is the Hope bracelet. It's already on my wish list for Christmas.

Amber Roseberry said...

The mini soirée bracelet is adorable! It would be so cute for C and KG

Karen said...

The Pippa Stone earrings!!!

Bethany said...

I want the poppy scarf!! So cute:)

Leslie said...

I had a hard time picking between the Tree of Life necklace & the Wonderland Charm Bracelet.. so many cute things!!

Courtney R. said...

To be honest, I love everything there. But my favorite is either the Tree of Life necklace or the Together Forever necklace.

Courtney R.

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