Monday, October 29, 2012

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!!

With the election around the corner, I thought these would be a cute thing to share!!

Aren't these cute??  They are Future President Birth Announcements from Totfudge.  They make both genders, and every skin tone.  Your baby's face shows through the cut out, but when you open the card it is laid out like a typical announcement.

I did a "traditional birth announcement" for my son, but if I am lucky enough to have another child I would definitely do one of their cute announcements.  I love them!!  They have so many other cute ones to choose from such as ballerina, linebacker, hellraiser, flower child, rock star, prince, slugger.....

Totfudge also has a bunch of cute personalized items, and we know how much I love personalized items;)


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