Thursday, October 18, 2012

Giveaway 2...Day 4

Parenthood brings so much joy, but it also brings a ton of stress and exhaustion.  Many times we let ourselves go, so that we can do more for our children.  I know I dream of one of those "Knock Knock Makeovers", showing up at my door, and making me look "like my old self".  Since that is probably never going to happen, I try to read any great tips about how to look and feel great in a short amount of time.

That is why I was so excited last week, when I got to actually feature one of those helpful articles on Little Orso.  The best part is that it came from a friend who knows what she is talking about.  Here is the life changing post that I am referring to.  It was a gift from Kimberly of Suburban City Chix. She helped us find a way to get "10 Minutes of Me Time". Kimberly is a certified Yoga Instructor- RYT-200, who teaches Ashtanga, Hatha, Power Yoga, Tweens and Kids yoga classes in New York.  She was excited to share some of her fabulous yoga tips, with those of us that can't get into the yoga studio.  I have been doing them every morning, and can't tell you how much better I already feel:)

She also owns Suburban City Chix, a website that was started by moms to unite women together in "Strength, Confidence, and Courage".  It is a virtual magazine that covers topics, that are important for helping women live a healthy and balanced life.  They also have a fabulous store that sells items that help you achieve those goals.  They really are a great place to stop by, and get some "me time".

Suburban City Chix has been so generous with us!!  They have given us a special promo code, so that you can start taking care of yourself today.  The promo code allows you to take 20% off of anything in their store.  Just enter code ORSO12  at checkout.

.....And one lucky reader will be going home with this beautiful green scarf!!!

It is an ancient Indian printed cotton voile scarf.  It is extremely soft, and can be worn as a shawl, wrap, scarf, belt, on your purse....  It will spice up any outfit or mood.  There is no better way to add some excitement to your casual daily outfit, then by adding a beautiful scarf.  Not to mention how many times have you run out the door with a sweater for everyone, but you??!!  Nothing is better than throwing a scarf like this around your shoulders.  You can stay warm, while looking stylish and ready for what they day may bring!!

To win this fabulous item you must like Suburban City Chix on their Facebook Page.

Then leave a comment below, with what item (s) caught your eye in their store.  There are so many great things to choose from. (The Cucumber Melon Venus Body Butter caught my eye...that scent takes me right back to the spa even if I am in line at the grocery store)

Just like the other giveaways, you can leave the comment anonymously (meaning that you do not have to log in). But if you do please put your first name and the first letter of your last name in the comment. (ie Carrie D)

This giveaway ends today 10/18, at 11:59pm (pst)!!  So hurry!!

The winner will be randomly picked used

Good luck!!


Anonymous said...

I have wanted one of these forever. Everyone in my yoga class wears them. Jennifer W

Anonymous said...

I was really touched by your blog post on Suburban City Chix. Your honesty and sincerity really came through the screen. My thoughts are with your family.

I also browsed through their store, and would love any one of their candles. Such beautiful scents. Cecile

Amber Roseberry said...

Can I have one of everything of theirs?

Buckley said...

I know Amber right?? With their stuff even a messy home can feel like a heavenly spa:)

Jaime said...

Green is my FAVORITE color!

I am drooling over the scents of the candles and saw a few other little 'treats' that I would never be brave enough to slip into! Haha!

x <3 o

Karen said...

Love the Namaste tank! And the cake cookie dough lip plumper sounds yummy!

Bethany said...

Pretty scarf! I was surprised to see the sleeping beauty collection...I read the first 2 books in the series several years ago. Definitely not what I was expecting from seeing the scarf:) Hmmm...massage oils would be nice.

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