Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Exclusive Birthday Offers...Day 2:)

The deals from yesterday are still good, so feel free to scroll back and grab them.  Here are some more to hopefully brighten your day:)

If you click on the name of the stores in today's and yesterday's post, it will take you directly to the stores.  Take a minute to check them all out.  All of these places have been featured on Little Orso, and have fabulous items!!

**Creative Play (Etsy Store)- 12% off, with promo code CREATIVEPLAY12.  (Good thru 10/31) **

**Arizona Sunshine Girls (Etsy Store)- 12% off with promo code ORSOBIRTHDAY. (Good thru 10/20)

** Inspired by Grands (Etsy Store)- 12% off, with code BDAYEXTRA1520.  (Good thru 10/20) **

**Angel Baby Pins - 12% off with code ORSO. (Good thru 10/20.) **

Stay tuned for today's giveaway at 12pm pst. :)


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