Monday, October 15, 2012

Looking Back at Year 1...

As I mentioned before, we will spend this week looking back at some of our most popular posts and features.  Since today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day, I figured I would start by looking at some of the great organizations that we featured this year.  Then share some exciting deals from companies that offer items for all of us that have been touched by loss
 ...and end the day with a really exciting item that any parent that has lost a child would be thrilled to win.

Usually giving gifts feels better than receiving them.  I have so much more fun shopping for the holidays, than I do opening my gifts.  I typically buy people something special, for celebrating my birthday with me.  I figured why should my Little Orso birthday be any different.  So I reached out to the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Organizations that we covered, and asked them what they wanted for our birthday.  They do so many amazing things, and offer so much comfort to so many. I wanted to help them for once. 

So here is a recap of some of our favorites, and ways that you can help them keep giving and helping.  Please share with anyone that you think may be able to help. 

*Tiny Heartbeats- this is an organizations that loans dopplers (the instrument used to listen to fetal heartbeats) out to parents that have suffered a previous loss.  To read more about Tiny Heartbeats, and how you can get a doppler sent out to you, click here!!  Tiny Heartbeats is looking for used dopplers, doppler gel, or financial donations.

*A Little Thunder- They supply local (Kansas) hospitals with amazing comfort boxes.  As fellow loss parents, they know how hard it is to leave the hospital with empty arms.  They wanted to make sure that other families had something to help them.  To read more about them click here.  They are actually holding an online auction today to raise money, please head over to their Facebook Page to join in.

*OC Walk To Remember-  This organization is special to our family.  They are the ones that hold our local walk, and they provide the memory boxes and cameras to local hospitals.  Without them, we would not have anything to remember our daughter with.  Our pictures and memory box are all because of them.  I can't even emphasize how important these items are to us.  They may be a local (Orange County, California) organization, but they make an impact beyond our area.  They often donate to national infant loss organizations, and offer support to everyone.  Their fundraising for the year ends today.  Please click here to help them!!

*Robby's Rabbits-  They provide stuffed bunnies for families that have lost a child.  The bunnies can help fill our empty arms. They give you something to hug, when you miss your child the most. To read more about them click here.  They are asking for stuffed bunnies (and other animals), and money to help with shipping.

* Barrett's Blankets- Provides hand knit blankets for families, so they have a baby blanket to remember their child with.  They are handmade, so that you can feel the love when you wrap them around yourself.  To learn more about them click here.  They need donations of yarn, supplies, money, and shipping supplies. Also contact them about knitting or crocheting blankets for them.

*Calvin's Hats-  No head is too small, when it comes to Calvin's Hats.  They provide families with hats for their babies.  These little hats give you a huge amount of love and healing.  To read about their hats click here.  They could use donations to help keep them knitting.

*Miscarriage Blankets and More-  They started as a way to give people that suffered a miscarriage a way to remember their child.  Typically they do not get anything physical to hold on to.  They offer handmade little blankets (according to the size of your baby), and other items.  To read more about them click here.  They also run Kaitlin's Angels, which provides memory boxes to hospitals.  Both organizations could use donations and supplies.

*Solace Foundation- They help connect you with the best form of support for your particular loss.  They also provide comfort packages to local hospitals.  To read more about them, click here.  They need small teddy bears, butterflies, angel keepsakes, hand made shawls, and money.

These are just a handful of the great Pregnancy and Infant Loss Organizations that we have featured and worked with this year.  To see the complete list of resources click here. (if you would like to have your organization added to our directory please email me)  It is our up to date Infant Loss Directory.  I started it as a way to help families that have suffered this horrible loss.  When I first lost my daughter, I searched everywhere for support or anything that could bring me comfort.  My hope is that this directory will help others find the support right away. 

The event that brings you into this community is horrible and tragic, but the community is fabulous and so filled with love.

Stay tuned for some special offers and a Giveaway...


Diana from Special Delivery Book said...

We welcome you and your readers to Special Delivery. We were honored to be invited by the OC Walk to Remember to distribute our books and were humbled that our book author, Melanie was nominated for the Compassion Award. We walked for and represented our Macy Elizabeth, Melanie's second baby who lived 2 precious hours with us.

Our nonprofit provides parents a FREE book called Special Delivery to help explain the loss of a baby to their children. is a place where families can come for support, find helpful resources, and request an eBook or board book.

Please visit and LIKE our Facebook page to stay current with our efforts.

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