Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!! ♥

For Valentines Day I figured we should feature someone with a huge heart...Kandis Tubb!!

Kandis makes beautiful angel pins, and runs a local chapter of Threads of Love (Threads of Love is a non-profit sewing organization providing handmade memory keepsake items for families facing the loss of a child due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss.).  Her chapter is called Isaiah's Chapter, after her son that she lost to Stillbirth in October 2008.   

A very dear friend introduced me to a Charity called “Threads of Love” and I was instantly intrigued by the generosity of its members. I then found myself at a crossroads; I could either decide to mope about what had happened or I could get up and do something to try to derive some good from my sad situation. I decided that I would bring honor to Isaiah and do wonderful things in his name. In my heart I had this overwhelming feeling of certainty that I was destined to help this cause.

Kandis makes hats, blankets, burial gowns, and memory boxes.  Her chapter is one of the few that makes memory boxes.  She decorates them beautifully, knowing oh so well how important they are to the families that receive them.  If you are lucky enough to receive one from your hospital, it is usually the one thing that you leave the hospital with. Our mission is to show parents love and compassion at a time when their personal pain is hard to endure and let them know that they are never alone. 

You can reach out to Kandis regarding Isaiah's Chapter- Threads of Love at:
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Isaiahs-Chapter-Threads-of-Love
or by email at Isaiahs_threads_of_love@yahoo.com

To get in touch with a local Thread of Love visit their site: http://www.threadsoflove.org/

Kandis also recently started a business, that has become an instant hit with Angel Moms...it is called Angel Baby Pins.

Angel Baby Pins are for anyone dealing with the loss of a loved one, or anyone wanting to bring attention to a specific disease or ailment. . The pins are handmade, and always hold the awareness ribbon of your cause of choice.  You can request a specific hair color, dress color, and the color of the baby's blanket (if it is an infant loss pin).  You can also add multiple babies, for those that have more than one angel.

I recently got a pin to remember my daughter by, and they are even more beautiful in person!!  They are made completely of ribbon, and the craftsmanship is so beautiful and tiny.  It is amazing what she does with ribbon!!
To help console the aching hearts of those dealing with loss and sickness. To give families something to remember their loved ones with ♥ and to raise awareness!

 If you have a walk or an event coming up, I would recommend getting some for your team members.  They are a wonderful alternative to the plain ribbons that people wear for awareness.  The will definitely bring attention to you.  I pinned mine to a curtain in my bedroom, so I always have my angel watching over us:)

To order an angel pin, visit their Facebook page here.
or you can reach them by email at angelbabypins@yahoo.com


harleywife57 said...

I know Kandis ; and she is a wonderful young lady ! What a nice blog about her ! thanks !

Buckley said...

Thanks for your comment:) As you can see, we think Kandis (and everything that she does) is pretty wonderful too!!!

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