Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Custom Ink

Last weekend we attended the OC Walk to Remember, in honor of our daughter.  Attending something like this is so bittersweet.  Part of you is thrilled to get a day to remember your child publicly, and celebrate their life.  Then the other part of you is pissed that you are part of "this", and that the life you are celebrating was cut so short.  I definitely was torn, which is why I was "off of my game". 

Typically I plan for things about 3-4 months in advance.  Most of my holiday shopping is finished in August, and I plan my outfits days in advance.  However my sadness kept me from planning for the walk.  I knew we needed shirts for "our team", and that we needed to register for the walk.  My husband and I were actually volunteers for the walk, and passed out flyers months before reminding people to register ahead of time.  Yet here we were a week before with no shirts ordered, and registering last minute.

I quickly registered us...that part was easy. 

However now I was on a search for a place that I could custom design shirts, and have them delivered in 5 days!!  Did a place like this even exist??

Luckily for us it did.  I stumbled on this wonderful user friendly site called Custom Ink.  They made it so easy to design your product (in our case shirts), and had a 24/7 chat line.  I quickly designed a shirt, and then called them to see if there was any possible way that we could get it in time for our walk.

The woman I spoke to was sympathetic to why we needed the shirts, and quickly helped us get them ordered.  She also personally checked each shirt to make sure they were done the exact way that we wanted them done.  She definitely was one of the best customer service people I had ever spoken to....and as you all know I shop online a lot!! ...and have worked in retail the majority of my life!!  So this is a huge compliment to her, and her company.  I made a point of letting her, and her company know this!! 

She was so efficient that when I got off the phone, I knew without a doubt that they would arrive in time and be perfect.  And that they did...they actually came 2 days early!! 

We were thrilled with how our shirts had turned out, and even got some compliments from other families on them.  The quality of the shirts really stood out, they were thick and soft.  Shirts like this typically end up flimsy and see thru :(  Ours were white, and did not require any undershirts.  They also held up perfectly in the wash.  I washed them before the walk and after, and none of the ink faded.  They look as good as new!!

When it comes to things for my kids I only want the best!!  Custom Ink is definitely the best when it comes to custom made products.  I can't wait to get more items made by them.  They offer a lot more than t-shirts!! Head over and check out everything that you can make!!

I only recommend the best things to my friends (you all are my friends), but when it comes to infant loss items I am even more picky.  I know how much more meaning each item holds...the product symbolizes so much more!!  Anything that represents your child (ren) has to be prefect!!  I can honestly recommend Custom Ink to everyone.  Especially to those creating items in memory of their loved ones.  I am confident that you will be as pleased as we were!


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