Friday, March 30, 2012

**Mommy Deals**

Sephora- 15% off, with code CHIC

Mrs Beasleys- 25% off your order, with code BUNNY25

Disney- Free shipping on orders over $75, with code SHIPTODAY

Steve Madden-Free Shipping on orders over $75+, with code SMFREESHIP

Snapfish- 3 photo books for the price of 1, with code CELEBRATE1

Banana Republic- 20% off of your order, with code BREXPLORE

Abercrombie Kids- Take an additional 30% off of clearance items (redlines) no code needed

Oshkosh ( overalls up to 50% off no code needed 20% off of Seventh Generation Diapers (Newborn and Size 1), with code SEVGEN20

Parenting (Early Years) Magazine- one year for only $3.99, click here and use code 4792

Easter Egg Hunt Time!!!

It's almost time for Easter and Easter Egg Hunts...

Here are some great basket options!!!

Peter Rabbit Treat Bucket- Pottery Barn Kids

Personalized Large Bunny Basket- Personal

Plush Mickey Mouse Easter Basket- Party City

Springtime Tulip Basket- Personal

Cars Plastic Bucket- Party City

Plaid Easter Basket- Pottery Barn Kids

...and if you are planning an Easter Egg Hunt of your own, you need this set!!  How cute is it!!!

Easter Egg Hunt Kit- Williams Sonoma

Most of these sites have sales, and free shipping going on right now.  It is not too late, or too expensive to bring these items home today:)

Stay tuned next week for cute items to fill your baskets with:)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!!!

With opening day right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share some cute baseball items!!

Personalized Baby Romper

Personalized Vintage Baseball Jersey

Giant Baseball Tee

Baseball Glove Chair

Personalized Baby's First Baseball Glove

Personalized Locker Room Art

All of these items come from the site Chasing Fireflies.  We want them all, so feel free to send gifts;)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Somewhere Over the Rainbow:)

I take monthly pictures of my son, in the same spot and outfit (with those month stickers you can put on a onesie) every month.  I actually made a flip book of his first year, on Snapfish (it came out so is amazing to see the difference between the beginning and the end of the book).

Anyway I have been trying to decide what to do for the second year of pictures...then I stopped by my friend Katy's incredible Etsy store (Somewhere Over The Rainbow) and figured it out!!  Look at these beautiful blocks!!

You can take month, week, and year pictures with these.  They are so cute I plan on leaving them out in his room on display. (at least while he lets me...)

So my question for all of you, is which set should I go with??  Set 1 or 2?  After I order my blocks, I will put everyone that picked my choice in a bowl and pick one lucky person to win a 20% off coupon for Katy's store:)

After you let me know your opinion, head over to Somewhere Over The Rainbow and check out all of the cute items.  Katy also just started a blog  Take a minute to check it out...the post on her son's 4th Birthday Party is worth the visit:)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Not Just Lipstick Anymore....

If you are not an Avon customer or representative, you may be missing out on a very cute baby line. (they have cute items for mom too)

It is called Tiny Tillia...and is soooo cute!!!

The line was created in 2006 by Tiffany Lerman, the daughter of Jackie Collins (the best selling author). It started out as a bath and body line, but has turned into so much more since partnering up with Avon last year.

Here are some of my favorite items. However you should head over to their current storybook (that is what they call their catalogs), and check everything out.  They have so many great baby shower and birthday options.

***They currently have two deals going on.  A Diaper Caddy Set for $19.99 (usually $43). Also if you buy a Cuddle Mat, you will get 50% off of a Huggable Blanket.

Monday, March 26, 2012

**Monday Mommy Deals**

Kiehls- With any Creme de Corps full sized purchase receive free shipping and a deluxe sample, with code BODYCARE

Gap, Banana Republic & Old Navy- 25% off, with code SPRINGSAVE (30% off purchases over $100) 20% off, with code NAUT20 Buy 2 puzzles (Melissa and Doug) get a third free, with code MDGP12.  Also $5 off of art supplies, when you spend $20+ with code MDART.

Coldwater Creek- 25% off of everything, with code WFH9395

Stationary Studio- Buy one get one free.  No code needed!!

Mrs. Beasleys- 25% off of baskets and towers, with code EGG25

L'Occitane- Free Shape up ritual kit, with any purchase over $65.  Enter code ALMOND

Snapfish- 150 prints for $10 (shipping included), with code SHAMROCK.  100 prints for $5 (shipping included), with code RAINBOW. 40% off everything in the spring store, with code 40FRESH.

Ink free custom placemat (you do have to pay the $3.99 shipping), with code PLACEFREE

Parents Magazine- 2 year subscription and a free Birthday Party Planner, click on this link

On the go.....

I have been out with my son a lot lately, and have found some new items that we can't leave the house without!!

The first is actually a duplicate of an item that we already had, A Travel Wipe Case.  I have one in my son's diaper bag, with the wipes that I use to change him in it.  That one is personalized with his name on it, and I got it in a "baby boy" print.

However I recently bought a second one, that I keep our hand wipes in (I prefer the Kleenex Splash and Go Wipes for Hands and Face). This time I picked a case that looked great in my purse.  We use hand wipes every time we leave a store, at doctor's appointments, before we eat, etc... so basically my case comes out a lot!!  I know most of you spend the majority of your time in your car too, so why not have a cute wipe case.  It really brightens my day, every time I pull it out!!

...I was thinking of getting a third to store my make up removing wipes in.  I can match that one to my bathroom:)

The other item that makes life a lot easier...and less smelly;)  It is the Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser.  I always feel horrible when I change my son, and then throw his diaper out somewhere. (especially if I change him outside of a bathroom).  There is nothing worse than carrying a stinky diaper, or leaving it for others to "enjoy".

These bags work like my trash can at home does.  They seal in the scent, and give you a clean way of disposing of your diapers.  The best part is they come in a compact dispenser, with a clip attached. I just clip mine on my diaper bag and go.  Now I don't have to stress out about finding a good place to throw his diaper out.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Ok seriously have you ever seen anything so cute???

I was on another one of my late night Etsy visits, and I stumbled upon this shop...Etsy is so dangerous!!!  I seriously want everything in Sushi and Booties, for my son....and for me!!

They carry so many cute things, including the sushi booties shown above...

These fortune cookie booties come in sizes 0-12 months, and even have a fortune in them:)  You can submit personalized fortunes too.  What a cool baby shower gift!!!


These Nunchuks are baby safe!!  They are made of plush, and come packaged in a bento box!!!

The store has some cute things for Mom and Dad too!! 

....or perhaps you would like a sushi case for your Ipod.  It comes with three types of sushi :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Orso Daddy Post **Guest Blogger**

Today's guest blogger is my husband, Justyn.  He will be sharing one of his new favorite toys for our son!!

Hi everyone!!  My wife recently bought my son a Marine Corps Bear, that moves and sings the Marine Corps Hymn.  I used to be a Marine, so I like anything Marine related. Especially for my son!!

This bear is so cool it sings, and moves his head as he sings. They make one for every branch of the military. (Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines).  I can't believe they sell for only $25.  I would pay so much more for them. 

If you have someone in your family that is currently in the military or retired, I would definitely recommend getting one of these.  They are also great, if you just want to honor our service members.

My son loves it, and so do I.  I am not sure who makes him sing more...

Semper Fi!!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Game Time!!!

Growing up, we loved to play board games in my house!!  My husband and I also share this love for board games, we actually had an entire toy closet before we even had kids.  I am always on the hunt for something new and fun.  Here are are two that really caught my eye...

Match Memory Game Animals.  This is just like Memory, but was hand drawn, by one of the most creative people I have seen on Etsy. The name of the boutique is DrawntoLetters

I stumbled on this store by accident.  I was looking for great prints for my son's room. (I am trying to slowly change his room from a nursery vibe to a "big boy" room)  Anyway this store has great illustrations and canvases.  However the thing that excited me the most was this memory game.  The illustrations are gorgeous, and so detail oriented.  You could use the game as decoration, or even put a glaze on the cards and use them as coasters!!   The best part is the game comes in a pouch (made from an upcycled t-shirt), which makes storing this game so easy. 

It is hard to store a ton of board games in boxes, but a little pouch can be stored anywhere.  I personally think these are cute enough to leave on my coffee table!!  I can't wait for mine to arrive!!

I found this second game one night while trying to sleep...I tend to go online shopping when I am up alone at night!! (just ask my UPS lady how little sleep I have gotten in the last year)  The game is called Kids Grow Grow Giraffe Board Game

The object of the game is to get your giraffe's neck to grow the longest.  You spin a spinner and then try to find the color it lands on, on your giraffe's neck.  You use your bowtie to keep your giraffe's neck in place.  If you are lucky you get to remove the other player's bowtie.  This game seems so simple, yet I could see playing it for hours.  I can't wait to get it!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Love, Love, Love...St. Patrick's Edition

I decided to do today's Love, Love, Love post on St. Patrick's Day items. 

Love 1 comes from an Etsy store called smallthreads.  The Lucky Me shirt and Rainbows End shirt retail for $44, and come in sizes 3 months- 12 years.  I know my fellow rainbow moms would love the rainbow shirt all year long. 

Love 2 is an item for the whole family. I love making cupcakes, and am always looking for a reason to make them.  This Williams Sonoma Cupcake Decorating Set is too cute.  How could you not want to bake, or eat a tray of these:) It retails for $12.95.

Love 3 is for the littlest of leprechauns:)  They are the Old Navy Shamrock socks for babies.  For $5.94 you get a 3 pack of these adorable socks.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

**Local Gem** Restord

Today I am starting my new feature called Local Gems.  From time to time I will feature local (Orange County and Los Angeles) businesses, that I think are really great!!  These businesses are places that I actually shop at or do business with, and that I really love.  I am not receiving any compensation for these features, and they are honest reviews.  They are meant to help moms and their families find great places to shop, or do business with.

If you have a great local business that you think I should visit, please email me at

Our first feature is an amazing place called Restord. It is a non- profit organization that sells items to raise money to fund the operation of a transitional home for displaced women and their children. The housing offers not only a safe place to stay, but also training in specialized trades.  Their goal is to help people get back on their feet, and become self sufficient again.

I recently visited Restord, and was not only bowled over by what a wonderful cause they are...but how great their store is!!  They have an amazing kids section, with tons of gently used and new clothes and gear. I found so many great things, including a co-sleeper, crib, diaper bags, frames, books, dvds, and very cute clothes.  I was able to buy my son an adorable t-shirt for a $1.  Where else can you find cute baby stuff, without breaking the bank??...and feel good about buying it!!

The best part about Restord is not only can you shop for a great cause, but you can donate too.  I don't know about all of you, but I feel sick every time my son grows out of something.  During some of his growth spurts, he would only wear an item once or twice:(  It broke my heart!!  Now I have a place where I can take his stuff, and know that some other family will enjoy it...while another family is helped out because of it!!

They have something for everyone there; furniture, seasonal items, mens's wear, womens', electronics, books, dvds....I could have literally spent a day browsing through everything that they had.

If you live in Orange County, definitely swing by and check them out at:
71 Auto Center Drive
Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

They also have a website

...and a Facebook page

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Little Orso Boutique

We are so excited to announce our online boutique!!

You can reach it by clicking on the link above, or the page up top called "Little Orso Boutique".

It is powered by Amazon, so you can still use your Amazon Mom and Prime shipping when checking out:)  We have placed all of the items (that Amazon carries) that we feature on here, in one simple place. 

This is a way we for us to save you even more of your precious time!!! Now not only do we save you from having to search to find great items, but now you can purchase the majority of them in one simple place!!

We hope you enjoy it!!!  This is just one of the many exciting items coming this month:)


Little Orso

Sleepy Time....

A few years back I worked at an extraordinary lingerie store.  One of my favorite lines to sell, and blow my paycheck on, was called Bedhead.  They make the comfiest pajamas ever!!...and they are cute enough to wear out. During pajama promotions we would wear them in the store, and I would always leave the store with them on.  I got more compliments on my Bedhead pajamas (I would wear a ribbed tank over the pants and throw flip flops on), then I ever got on any other outfits that I wore to the grocery store after work:)  They were one of our top pregnancy sellers, and many women bought them to wear in the hospital at their delivery.

Well now they offer their comfy pajamas for babies!!  You can match your baby at the hospital, or both be comfy laying around the house (or at the grocery store;) )!! Their fabrics are so soft, that you can feel comfortable putting your baby in them.

I searched the internet to see if I could find any promo codes to use on the Bedhead site, and found one from People magazine:)   Just enter code BHPJ2012 at checkout to receive 15% off of your order.  This promo code is good until April 15th.

With the extra money that you save with the code, you can consider buying yourself a comfy pair of their fur booties.  (don't worry they are faux fur)

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