Monday, October 1, 2012

♥ Barrett's Blankets ♥

We figured we would start off Infant Loss Awareness Month, with a fabulous organization!!

Staci was 18 weeks pregnant, when she learned that her beautiful son had gone to heaven.  Her biggest regret was that she didn't get to take the blanket that her son was wrapped in home with her.  It would have given her a piece of him, something that touched her baby.  Something she could hold on to and cuddle with, when she missed him most. I was lucky enough to get my daughter's blanket, and even have a piece of it in my locket that I wear every single day.  I can not tell you how much comfort it brings me.  I grab my locket every time the pain starts to be too much.

Staci and her husband decided that they wanted every parent to have this comfort, something they unfortunately did not receive.  The love in this community blows my mind!!  These parent's first concern was comforting other parents.  That is what drew me to this organization. 

Staci of Barrett's Blankets

Barret's Blankets donates their beautiful handmade blankets to hospitals.  These blankets are given to families that have lost a child, so they can wrap their baby in them... and then take them home.  So beautiful:)  They also have started providing blankets for babies staying in NICU. 

You can also request a blanket for a child that you have lost in the past, by contacting them directly. These blankets may never get to be wrapped around your child, but hopefully they can be wrapped around you for comfort.

The blankets are all handmade with love, and Barrett's Blankets runs strictly on donations.  If you know how to knit or crochet and are interested in helping them make blankets, please contact them here.  Also they need supplies (yarn, shipping materials, money....), if you can help out please contact them.

Losing a child is so difficult, if you know someone that has lost a child or if you have, please check out this organization and our infant loss directory.  Being surrounded in support helps so much.  Also if you know of another great organization that you think I should share please email me directly. 

Let's work together to make infant loss no longer a taboo subject.  Together we can save babies, and comfort those that have lost a child!!

Get involved this October, and be inspired by organizations like Barrett's Blankets.  The smallest thing can make the biggest difference...


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