Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Giveaway 2 :)

The last time we gave these away our blog crashed for a few hours:)  Today we are giving away three signs from Dishwasher Sign (there will also be one in the gift basket for the person that sends the most new fans to our Little Orso Facebook page).

The winners will get to pick the color of their sign and what sign they would like (dishwasher, bathroom, bedroom, pet...)  I personally have my eye on one for our dog, and one for our guest bathroom.

This giveaway ends at 11:59pm pst today 10/17/12.

The winners will be announced first thing tomorrow morning.

To enter you must like Dishwasher Sign on

Then leave a comment below with which sign you would like.

You can leave the comment anonymously (meaning you do not log in), but if you do please put your first name and the first letter of your last name in the comment. (ie Carrie D)

The winners will be randomly picked used

Good luck!!

***This Giveaway is now closed the winners are 1. Jaime Hoyles MacKay, 2. Leslie Matteson, &
3. Bethany Rine ***


Leslie said...

I would love to enter! I already like Dishwasher Sign on FB. :)

I'd love a black sign for the dishwasher. Thank you for the opportunity!

Leslie M.

Jaime said...

Dishwasher! Woot woot!

Thanks for the opportunity, Buckley!

Ashlea Sarnelli said...

I'd love the dishwasher sign....I couldn't "like" their page, but I added them as a friend--does that count?

Buckley said...

That counts:) They are legit and extremely nice, don't be afraid to add them on Facebook!!

...and my sign still looks great after months of toddler hands grabbing at it;)

Anonymous said...

Bathroom Sign- it reminds me of an airplane & I love plane related items. Jennifer W

Courtney said...

I so want a dishwasher sign. We need one desperately. =)

Bethany said...

I would love a black dishwasher sign:)
(and I have been friends with them on fb since your last giveaway:))

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