Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rockin a Stylish Do !!

Recently I started doing my son's hair...I am not sure what drove me to start styling his hair (considering I hate doing mine).  He loves brushing his hair, and looking at himself in the mirror:)  I think that may be most of my influence.

Luckily for him (hahahah) he was blessed with my unruly hair.  It grows fast, and there is a ton of thin hair.  Unfortunately this leaves us with some ugly bedhead in the morning. Of course he still looks cute to Mommy!!

I wanted a cut that would make his hair easier, and keep it out of his eyes.  He has a great cut, and we can either spike the front up a bit, or comb it to the side.  Him and I both lean towards spiking it up.  I love grown up looks on little ones.  Something about "big boy" stuff on little boys is so adorable.

We need a gel to achieve this look, so I looked into all of the products out there.  I wanted something that works well, but is safe.  I don't want chemicals sitting on his scalp, or getting into his mouth or eyes.

I asked a few stylists for recommendations, and fell in love with Original Sprout Products.  They are 100% natural, and made by a family on a farm.  They do not have any of those "dangerous ingredients", and the best part is that they really work.  His hair stays styled all day (even with his little hands touching and pulling it).  My favorite part is the smell, it smells like "vacation".  I didn't think my son could smell any better!! The organic rosemary in the product, is also said to keep lice and other insects away!!

I can't wait to try the rest of the line on him, and the rest of the Orso family!!

It is a little more pricey than some of the well known baby hair lines, but most of those contain such scary things.  One huge brand even admitted they have dangerous chemicals in their products:( I don't mind paying a little extra to keep him safe!

My trick for buying items like this, is to put them in your cart (I know one day I will receive a letter about not encouraging people to fill their carts with stuff for later;)), and then check back every once in a while.  There are so many online retailers these days, and they all run sales every few weeks.  Just keep an eye on your carts at the different stores, and when you see an item like this that you love stock up!!

You can also follow Original Sprout on Facebook, they put deals on there every once in a while.


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