Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Won't You Be My Neighbor??

Happy Halloween!!

In a round about way, this post has to do with Halloween (I will show you in a second).

I remember having the coolest airport playmat when I was little.  It had runways, a parking lot, the streets around the airport etc..  I got my son something similar at Ikea, and he really likes it.  However there is a new playmat on my radar.

Boardstiff, makes these fabulous neighborhood playmats.  They come in three sizes, and they personalize the playmat to your street address.  You can also specify important locations and intersections.

I would have loved this growing up!!  Actually I should probably still get one, considering I give directions by landmark (not street).  It is a great way to teach someone the names of the streets in their neighborhood, and just so fun!!  Who doesn't want to drive mini cars and trucks down there own street??

Which brings me back to my Halloween connection... think of the Trick or Treat "pre-gaming" that could go on with this mat??!!  You could sit around your mat and make a great plan of which direction covers the most homes.  You could even mark the spots with stickers, or figures:)

This would make a fantastic holiday gift, just tie some cars or trucks on with a big bow:)  Head over to Boardstiff and order yours today.  Since it is a personalized gift, you do not want to wait until the last second to order it.


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