Monday, October 15, 2012

1st Birthday Celebration!! Day 1 :)

Yay our birthday week is finally here!!  I can't believe that Little Orso has been around for a year. 

Getting back into fashion and retail has been a dream of mine for a while. However at this time in my life it is not practical for me to work out of the home, so I toyed with ideas of things that could give me a "taste" of the retail world.  I thought about doing a blog for a few years, although at that time it was going to be women's accessories blog.  I have such a passion for women's accessories!!  I kept putting it off, until I had my son. 

I could not handle that all of the kids blogs that I was reading, only featured items for little girls.  What makes people think that moms of boys don't like to shop??  We like cute accessories, and outfits too!!  Being irritated was the thing that finally gave me the push to start my blog (that and years of Daddy Orso saying "you know you really should start a blog!")  We started as a blog that would cover items for little boys, but have evolved into so much more.  We now have a Little Orso Council that help us with reviews, guest bloggers that share their passions, cleaning tips, Giveaways....and so much more!! However our main goal will be to always include boys!!

Thank you for making this 1st year so fabulous!!  Our dream for the next year is to make Little Orso more exciting, and incorporate more items that will make your life easier and more exciting!!  The main way that we can do this is by getting suggestions from you.  Please email, message, call, write, sing...anything that you would like to see us cover.

...and with that let the celebrating begin!!!

All this week, we will do 3 posts during the day. 

*The first will be a recap of some of our most popular features and posts.

*The second will share exclusive deals, that some of our favorite companies have shared with just us.  (get ready to start your holiday shopping!!

*The third will be filled with Giveaways!!  We have some fabulous items to give away this week, so don't miss a day.  The giveaways will be one day only events!!

We will be posting some of those giveaways in a bit, but here is one from us to get things started!!!

If we were to have an Orso Birthday Cake, the wish that we would make blowing out our candles, would be to double the amount of friends that we have at Little Orso.  So our week long Giveaway Event is this...

The person that sends the most new friends to our Facebook page, will win a special gift basket from us.  It will be filled with items for you, and your kids!!

To enter all that you need to do is share our Facebook page with all of your friends and family.  Have them either put "your name" sent me on our wall.  Or you can send me a message on Friday (by 7pm pst) with all of the friends that you have sent over.  They must "like" our page to be counted.  The contest ends Friday (10/19) at 7pm pst, and a winner will be announced by 9pm pst that day.

Start sharing and good luck:)


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