Who is Little Orso?

Little Orso means "little bear" (orso is bear in Italian).  I call my husband "bear", so when we had a son he became our "little bear". 

I am the mom of two (a daughter who lives in heaven and a son born in March 2011), and the oldest of 7 kids.  My background is in sales and marketing, and I have managed some of the finest boutiques in West Los Angeles. We are currently living in South Orange County, California...and loving life in the suburbs!!

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I found a ton of cute baby girl clothes and accessories. However when I became pregnant with my son, I found out that the baby boy market is severely lacking. I spend hours searching the web for cute items for my son. I feel like the baby market doesn't think that us "boy moms" want to spend money on our sons. I am here to prove them wrong. I can't wait to share my finds with you!



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