Thursday, November 1, 2012


My son is obsessed with blocks.  We make towers all day long!!  I guess I am to blame for his love of blocks, because I gave him a set of wooden ABC blocks when he was about 4 months old.  I figured you are never too young for blocks.  He loved looking at the colors and pictures back then.  Now he builds towers taller than him, and sometimes feels the need to throw his blocks across the room ;)

There are so many cute blocks on the market these days.  When I was little we had a few wooden block choices, and a few plastic...

Here are some great alternatives to the typical wooden ABC blocks.

President Block Set

Periodic Table Blocks

Lowercase Blocks

Braille and Sign Language Blocks

Rainbow Sound Blocks

Boikido Wooden Blocks

...and if none of these excite you, you can make your own wooden blocks with this very cool kit:)

Make Your Own Blocks

Hope you enjoy, and start building your own towers today:)  If building is not your thing, it is ok because wooden blocks are great to decorate with.  They look cute in a jar, on a shelf, glued on a canvas....


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