Friday, June 1, 2012

Keeping It All Together

As I have mentioned many times, I am an organizing maniac!!  It is hard to stay as organized as I would like to, after having kids.  There are just so many pieces and little parts!!  I really wish the companies would include little pouches for all the pieces.  But since that wish will most likely never come true, I have come up with my own solution!!

I buy zipper pouches...yes, the ones you used to use at school (I actually started this before having kids.  My husband and I love board games).  I stock up on them during back to school sales!!  Then I put one in each board game, puzzle, activity etc..  I had initially tried Ziploc bags, but they just didn't last or look as good.

For the toys/pieces that we keep out more (like crayons), I buy "cuter" pouches like these ( made of recycled materials).  They are just so cute, and it doesn't matter if you leave them out.  My son has turned putting things away into a game now, he even loves our pouches:)

 No more losing pieces, or tripping over them!!!  Happy organizing!!

...and they are great for bringing toys with you in the car!!


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