Friday, June 8, 2012

Little Orso Bookshelf- Trash Edition

Friday is my favorite day of the week!!

Not just because it means the start of the weekend, but because it is trash pick up day:)  I am insane about getting everything out in time (border line obsessive).  Besides the clean factor, (we all know how germaphobic I am) I love watching the Sanitation Engineer (in my mind I still refer to him as the garbage man, but know that is no longer politically correct) pick up the trash.  Every Friday he is followed by an army of kids and moms, as he drives through our neighborhood.  I know the other moms are just as excited to watch, as I am. I have been running out on trash day since I was little, and even at 35 those trucks are mesmerizing to watch. I just look a little more sane, now that I have a child with me;)

Luckily my son seems to share my garbage obsession.  He loves to throw items in the trash all day long (including my cellphone), and gets excited when he hears the truck.  So I am always looking for fun garbage truck related toys and books. 

The other day we were at the bookstore, and he grabbed a book called "Smash That Trash".  I took one look at it, and said "of course we can get this!!"  I didn't really look inside, but knew any book about garbage trucks would be good...and the fact that my son grabbed it made it even better!!  Well we got home and I realized that we had stumbled upon a gem.  The book is way more than a story about a garbage truck.  There isn't much of a story to it, but here is where it gets great...there is a dial on every page of the book.  The dial has different items on it, and when you turn it one appears in the story.  That item becomes the one that you need to find on the page  It is an easier version of "Where's Waldo".  Even at 15 months, my son loves looking for the items.  He is too young to turn the dial on his own, but loves doing it with me.  There are a handful of items on each dial, so your hunt is always changing.  That is why this book is a real gem, and something I feel like I need to share!!

Not only is it great for all ages, but because of the dials it will last a long time!!!  We haven't put ours down yet!!

....Sorry today's post was a little late, we were out enjoying the garbage truck:)


Jaime said...

My boys LOVE this series!! ?I will have to pick this one up.

And my day home kids love Thursday morning as it is garbage day here. When they hear the truck they all run to the front window and start knocking. When the sanitation engineers take notice and wave they all giggle and talk about it for the next half hour at least!

It's the little things...

x <3 o

Buckley said...

So true...the little things do matter the most.

Our Sanitation Engineer is great with the kids too. He will do the "arm thing" a little extra, and waves to them all too.

We haven't read the others in the series, but have them on our "to buy" list.

garbage trash cans said...

hi very nice blog and very nice information.We haven't read the others in the series, but have them on our "to buy" list. I took one look at it, and said "of course we can get this!!"

Buckley said...

Thank you!!

Let us know what you think about the book, when you get it:) My son is "reading it" as we speak!!

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