Thursday, June 14, 2012

Orso Answers??!!??

Every day I get a handful of emails asking me for shopping advice.  I usually help them privately through email.  Then it dawned on me...maybe others would benefit from reading these questions!! I know I have benefited from helping them.

So starting today, I am adding a new feature called "Orso Answers".  Every week or so I will come on and answer a question that I think will benefit all of you.  This means I need you all to send in your questions.  Is there an item that you can't find?  Suggestions for a Nursery?  Birthday Party ideas? Gift Suggestions?? Questions about Little Orso or the Orso Family.... You send it we answer it.

Here is the fun part...if we feature your question on Orso Answers, then you will get a $10 gift certificate to Shutterfly:)  So send your questions in today to

Our debut question is one that I haven't gotten a few times in the last month is about weddings and what your little men should wear.  It is no doubt why you are asking about this, we are in "wedding season" and as we all know the boys selection is still lacking:(  I did some "research aka online browsing" and found some great choices (at all price points):

Casual/Cocktail Attire:

Ralph Lauren Princeton Jacket

Ralph Lauren Chino

Seersucker Jacket

Blazer and Slacks

Vest Slacks Set

Dressy Wedding:

Scooter Suit

Sean John 3 Piece

Boys Smart Check Blazer

Formal Wedding:

Boys Tuxedo

Single Breasted Tux

Boys Ivory 4 Piece

We hope that these looks help all of you, that are wedding bound!!  Start sending your questions today...we can't wait to start "researching" for you!!!


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