Monday, June 4, 2012

Attention Fellow Stuffed Animal Fans!!!

I am a big stuffed animal fan, so when I saw these I fell in love!!

Clump O Lumps incorporate two things that I love, stuffed animals and personalization!!  Right now there are 6 "family members";  Bee O Bee, Tig O Tiger, Squid O Squid, Bird O Bird, Frog O Frog, and Shark O Shark.  You unzip their body parts (heads, legs, arms...) and then zip them on to another animal.  So you get to mix and match body parts, and create your own personalized animal:)

Knock Knock, the company that carries these, did a great job with these.(they have really cute things on their site besides these...check them out!!)  If you go to their website, they have created an entire history of the Clump O Lumps including a language and land.  It is really cute!!  There is even a little song about them.  These are great for all ages...preschool aged that are learning to take things apart and put them back together, or older "kids" that want something of their own.  They are also really cute when you leave them the way that they "are born". :)

Head over and check them out today!!  I think you will want one for yourself too... I know I do, I am debating between the bird and shark. I guess I can get them both, and share one with my son;) Which one will you be getting yourself?? ...I mean child:)


Anonymous said...

These are fantastic <3

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