Thursday, June 7, 2012

Love, Love Love...Just a little Something to Brighten Your Day Gifts

Sometimes kids just need a little something to brighten their day.  When I say kids, I am referring to kids of all ages.  Here are a few items that make me smile:) These all would make great end of school gift...just a  little something to show them they did a good job this year:)

This is one of the new Yoo Dara Voodo Dolls.  These are not like the traditional vodo doll, these bring good luck.  I bought the good health one for my husband, and it is really cute:)

How can you not smile at a watermelon pillow??  This one comes from the Etsy store Winterpetals, and they have a bunch of other cute fruits to choose from.  Not only are they cute for little ones, but throw a few of these around your house to immediately get a summer feel!!

I am a major smore lover, so I couldn't resist this!!  Bring the campsite to your child's room, or your living room:)


Jaime said...

The camp fire is insanely cute!! We love camping... we may have to add this to our toy collection so that we can even s'more it up in the winter!

x <3 o

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