Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chillin at Home

On days that my son and I stay home, we like to dress comfortably.  I hate wearing jeans and dressy tops when I am at home, so I figure he hates to dress that way too.  My "at home uniform" seems to be Victoria's Secret Pink sweats.  I actually had my own personal intervention a few months ago, when I started wearing them out. They are comfy, but not always the most flattering or neat looking.  This is the same way that I feel about a lot of the comfortable clothing for babies/kids.  Some of the comfortable pants, look worse than pajamas.  My son's comfort is my top priority, but it does not need to come at the cost of him looking clean!!!

This is why I love PaigeLauren clothes!!  The line is the brain child of a woman named Paige Lauren (did you guess that?!!) She created it after realizing the lack of comfortable classics in baby wear.  Baby designers tend to over do it, I am not sure why they think all of us love our children written on from head to toe??!! Or choking hazards sewn on to their tops??! 

I am really glad that Paige realized this need, because her clothes are cute and practical.  They can be worn at home, but also look nice enough to leave the house in.  I really wish she would start a Mommy Line now. (I know one of you knows her she grew up by me, please pass on my request:) )The best part of her clothes is not only do they look nice, but Paige took the time to find the best fabrics like Micro Modal and Supima Cotton.  Both fabrics are so soft, that you just want to wrap yourself up in them and never move. Dressing your children in quality fabrics is not only a luxury, but so important especially during these hot months.  Wearing non-synthetic fabrics that can breathe is so important for skin, especially young innocent skin.  Synthetics don't allow skin to breathe and trap moisture inside, usually causing heat rashes and skin irritants.  Consider buying a few good pieces, instead of a ton of cheaper items.  It may be hard at first, but when you see the way they hold up you will most likely change your mind.  Definitely check out PaigeLauren, her stuff is great quality and still affordable.

....and so cute!!!


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