Monday, June 18, 2012

Who's Afraid of the Dark??

The answer to that question is no one in the Orso home:)  Because of this great item, that we are sharing with you today!!!

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I saw these adorable light up animals on a morning show.  I had to have one. It was so cute, that I would have wanted one even if I was not pregnant.  I am not usually a dinosaur lover, but there is just something so cute about "Stego Jr".

Stego Jr. became so much more than a toy or night light, for our future baby.  He was my light in the bathroom, during my 1000 nightly visits.  He also is very fun and calming to watch change colors (he changes from blue, to purple, to green....), so we would leave him on in our room at night.  When we lost our daughter, he was the one thing that we were able to hold on to and keep out.  He was no longer a baby purchase, he was our friend:) 

Recently our son has discovered Stego, and is just as in love with him as we are.  He actually saves the day, when our son goes through one of his "I don't want my diaper changed" moments...which unfortunately have been happening a lot:(

Stego Jr is made by a company called Giimmo, and he retails for about $35- $45 (see below for deal).  They make a few other animals including; Merril the Moose, Gilbert the Basset Hound, Whoopie the Duck, Indigo the Hedgehog.....

Right now Heritage Mint has them on clearance for $16.50.  Head over and grab one, or a few....they make a great birthday or shower gift.  They are also cool enough to be an older child's night light.  I think I may need to grab a second for our home, I just realized how much Terry the Bear looks like our Little Orso mascot:)

Here is a link to the Giimmo site, so you can meet all of the animals and see them change colors:) 

Warning you may feel an immediate need to adopt one:)


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