Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Come into the Painting on the Wall :)

Have you always wanted to paint murals on your walls, but just don't have the talent to do it??

If so I have found the item for you:)  I am so excited about these!! 

A company called Elephants on the Wall, has created an easy DIY mural kit. First you go to their website and decide which cute set that you want to buy.  Then they send you the pattern, transfer paper, instructions on how to apply the mural to your walls, and a color guide.

They claim that applying them to your wall is as easy as 1,2,3...  First you tape the transfer paper to the back of your pattern, and then tape them both to your wall.  Next you take a ballpoint pen and trace the entire image.  Take down the pattern and transfer paper, and then you use a "paint by numbers" system to fill in the color.
They must not be too hard to do, because the images that customers have sent in (of their own murals) are incredible.  I love the extra touches that many of them added, like lights, personalization, adding a valance (this was done to a carousel mural to look like the top of the that!!)

Here is one of the finished products (this customer won 2nd place in a contest they held):

Head over and check out Elephants on the Wall today!!  They have so many cute murals to choose from, including ones for your Master Bedroom.  These would also be great for all of you teachers.  It seems like an affordable way to upgrade a classroom, or school hallway:)


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