Thursday, June 21, 2012

My "Go to" Item!!

So my "go to" kid item, isn't even a kids product.  It is my Black and Decker Dustbuster.

I bought my very first one the day that I moved out on my own.  For a while it was my only vacuum. I was so shocked at how expensive vacuums were, and thought that I could hold out for a while with just my Dustbuster.  LOL Needless to say that I bought a vacuum a week later. (and I have been obsessed with having "just vacuumed" lines in my carpet ever since).  My Dustbuster was relocated to my car.  Back then I was a smoker, and could not really vacuum my car as much as it needed. I lived in an apartment, and there weren't any outlets in the parking garage for my vacuum.  The Dustbuster worked great!!

I have been through about three Dustbusters, and I still use it in between car washes. (I no longer smoke, it will be 10 years next month:))  However I now have a bigger dirt issue...he is about 25 pounds, and thinks that throwing Puffs is hilarious!!!  I use my Dustbuster to clean his seat every time we get home.  I then bring it in, because I also use it to clean under his highchair after every meal.  Then I use it to clean up the broken Crayons, clean the bottom of his ball pit, get sand off of him... My son loves it as much as I do.  He actually even makes the noise, every time he sees it.

A few of my pregnant friends have asked me what I think that they should buy, and what one item that I can not live without?" Honestly it is my Dustbuster. It has always been my Dustbuster, since that fall day in 1998.  My Dustbuster and I, are in a committed has always been there to clean up after me at every stage of my life:)

So for those of you moving out on your own, buying a car, having a baby, or already have a family...get a Dustbuster if you don't already have one!!  You will definitely not regret it, and may even start contemplating hanging one in each room of your house. (oh wait that it is just crazy me)

Do you guys also have a "go to" kids item that isn't really a kids item??  If so what is it??


Simone said...

My go to item is the Mr Clean eraser. I have two little girls that like to draw on the walls. So my eraser is out every hour.

Love your blog :)

Anonymous said...

I just bought a Dust Buster because of you :>

kelly b said...

my iphone is hands down my go to item

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