Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cool Things I Stumble Upon...

Every parent wishes that they could find items that would do things for us, like scrub the toilets or put laundry away (ohhh one can dream!! ;)) While I wait for that one to be invented, I will  continue to be in awe of this cool new invention.

Not only are these very interesting looking bottles, but they are self warming.  The Iiamo Go is a bottle that warms itself to 37degree Celsius (body temperature) in 4 minutes.  It doesn't use batteries or wires to heat the bottle, just a salt water it is pretty safe!!  Not to mention extremely easy to take with you.  I remember trying to figure out creative ways to heat bottles, when my son was younger.  Including hot water from Starbucks:)

The bottles can be used for formula or breast milk, and even have an anti colic feature.  My first concern was how would I clean such a thing, but they claim that you can take them completely apart and are really easy to clean.  They do contain any PVC or BPA.

I haven't seen these in any of the stores near me (the company is based in the UK, and very popular there), so I contacted the company directly.  They told me that you can buy them online at Dainty Baby.

Even though I am trying to wean my son from bottles, I still want to get one.  I am so excited to see it work in person:)  What do you guys think about these??  Would you buy one??


sara said...

I want one

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