Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Good Ol' Days

Something scary has happened to me in the last few years...I have turned into one of those people that talks about how great my childhood was, and asks why things aren't as great anymore.  Then I realized what has happened to me, I am OLD!!  Just ask my teenage sisters, who I have to call whenever I need help with my phone, tumblr. etc...

I know every generation deals with this, but in my case I really do think the toys that we all grew up with are much better than the modern day toys.  Don't get me wrong, there are some great items out there!  Ones that I will even feature on here...however they do too much for our kids.  When I was little I would play grocery store, school, go on adventure brothers and I would use household items to play.  Yes, we had store bought toys, but we loved using our imaginations and using other items that we found.  For example when we played grocery store, we would use real items out of the pantry and scan them across a building block.  We would make the "beep" noise as they passed the block. Now my son has a cash register that really scans barcodes and makes the noise.  Yes that is very cool...I even play with it when he is asleep:)  But there was something so cool about using your imagination, and having all of your friends and siblings actually "see" the same thing as you did.  These memories are what make up my childhood.

Anyway I know I am rambling on (like an old person;) ), but I wanted to build up why I was so excited the other night.  I was reading an article about how actress Kellie Martin (Life Goes On) had reopened a favorite kids store of hers. Everything she was saying sounded like my "craziness".  I immediately had to check out the website, and realized it was a store I had heard about in passing for a while.  I am so glad that I read that article and actually checked the store out, because here in front of me were pages of the type of toys I want for my son.  Well made toys, the type you can pass on for generations...the type you can use your imagination with.  Like the old fashioned doctors kits with toy syringes...

Now the only issue that I have, is how I am going to afford the playroom that I need to add on to my house to put all of these great "new" toys in!!!

Head over and check out Romp today...and "walk down Memory Lane" with me:)  Did you have any of these toys when you were little??


Katie said...

I love your blog so much! I check it every single day & buy almost everything you share. I have been wanting to comment, but this post pushed me to. I love your childhood, sounds alot like mine.

And yes I used to have a little market, like their french market toy. I have been looking for toys like this for my kids. So happy you shared this. You have a fan for life!

Buckley said...

Thank you for all the compliments!!

I love that little French Market, I had toys like that when I was little too.

Thank you for following Little Orso:)

Anonymous said...

I agree your site is wonderful.
I discovered you through the blog swap last week, and had to go back and read every earlier post. Keep sharing fun finds like this.

Anonymous said...

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