Friday, June 29, 2012

“Life is just a blank slate, what matters most is what you write on it”

The best part about being on Twitter, is meeting new people and companies.  A few weeks ago a company called BlankZ added me.  They make these really cute stuffed animals that you can decorate, and then wash and start all over. 

I immediately thought back to my childhood sleepovers, where we would all decorate our pillowcases.  I loved taking home a piece of those nights.  However we did those in permanent marker, so they would last forever!!!  Just like our friendships;)  That was the one thing that I wasn't sure if I liked about BlankZ...would I want to wash off all of my hard work??  Not like they would force me to, but for some reason this upset me. (I am not a fan of 

However as I watched their tweets, and kept looking at their product I realized how much I actually liked that idea.  I love items that inspire people to be creative, especially children.  What a great way to get kids to use their imaginations!!  They get to "re-dress" their best friend  whenever they feel like it.  One day their stuffed animal can be a pirate, and the next day they can be dressed for a wedding.  They could be covered in get well messages, and the next day be in a Halloween costume...  You can use these to teach kids about weather changes, holidays, body parts...anything that you like!!  That is the best part, they are literally a "blank slate".

I can't wait to stock up on these for car trips, sick days, birthday gifts, party favors...  I also am thinking this is a great grandparent gift, let my son draw on one for each of them (ok on that occasion we may still use our sharpies:) )  I am definitely a convert, and can't wait to pick a few of these up!!!

Currently they have 7 animals to choose from;  Ele-Faint (elephant), No Bully (bull), Bare Hare (rabbit), Bare (bear), Bloink (pig), White Hound (dog), and Un-Sealed (seal).  You can order them here.

What do you think about these??  I think I need to get a Bare, and make him my official Little Orso mascot...and change his outfit daily of course:)


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