Friday, August 24, 2012

"You Wanna Make a Memory?"

So we already shared great school supplies and cool lunch time it is time to hold on to the memories made this school year.  I still am a huge fan of these from Papier Coterie, but here are two other fabulous items for recording the big events.

School Years Memory Book

I love this School Years Memory Book from Land of Nod.  It has a page for every year from Kindergarten to 12th grade.  You can record the name of their teacher, friends, favorite subjects...and there is a place for the school picture.  The book also has pockets to store important things, like rewards or report cards.

I love the idea having all of the main details written and stored in one easy place.  It is like a "big kids baby book" :)

My Keepsake Portfolio

This item you can buy before they even start school.  It is called the My Keepsake Portfolio from Lakeshore.  It is a giant cardboard accordion folder, that is divided into sections (one for each year). You can save their artwork, and bigger projects in here. 

Since they start creating beautiful artwork before Kindergarten, you can get this one right away.  What a fabulous way to keep all of their artwork safe, and keep your home from getting cluttered.  I plan on ordering one of these today.

Lakeshore has a promo code for free shipping, when you spend $79+.  Just enter the code FREESHIP at checkout. This offer is good until 9/4/12.  They have a ton of other great back to school supplies!!


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