Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Be Prepared!!!

After our earthquake last week, it reminded me that I need to check my emergency supplies.  I tend to be one of those overly prepared people, but it doesn't hurt to double check;)

In California, we are always preparing for an earthquake, power outage due to heat, or to escape a wildfire...however I know that every area has their own things to prepare for, and most include power outages. 

I figured that I should do a post on children's flashlights, and hopefully remind people to check their own supplies.  Everyone should have a flashlight next to their bed, including children.  Even if they are too young to use them now, you may be in with them when the power goes out.  That is why I bought my son one, the week that he came home from the hospital.

Flashlights are also great for night time reading, ghost stories, making shadows on the wall, and exploring:)  Basically you can't go wrong with buying one or a few of these!!!

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bibi Bee (This is the exact one that my son has)

Fisher Price Kid Tough Explorers 2 in 1 Lantern

Little Tikes Glow & Speak Animal Flashlight (these actually make animal noises)

V-Tech Spin & Learn Color Flashlight

Learning Curve Chuggington Flashlight

Ecotronic Hand Crank Children's Flashlight (these are great because you power them up yourselves & they do not require a battery)

John Deere Roll N Go Flashlight (these make noise and move)

There are so many basic options out there too, in case fun flashlights are not your thing.  Just make sure that you take a second to grab one for every room in your house, and if you already have them check your batteries!!!

Be safe!!!


Grace said...

I want the dog flashlight:>

Anonymous said...

This is my first time visitng orso, I will be back. It is so fun

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