Thursday, August 30, 2012

Little Orso Bookshelf- Bon Voyage!

Today I am sharing a favorite book series, instead of just one book.  We recently started collecting the "This is..." series.  The books are classics from the 1950's, and are the creation of the famous Czech illustrator/author Miroslav Sasek.  They take you on a tour of many of the most famous places in the world.

So far we have This is San Francisco and This is New York.  We have family in both places, and thought it would be fun to show our son where they live.  The illustrations are so fun, very retro.  Although these were intended to be sold as children's books, I definitely think that anyone would love them.  We actually have them out on our coffee table, instead of in his library.

The illustrations alone are so fabulous that I think it would be cool to color copy them or tear them out, (sometimes I buy a second book to tear up and use as wall decor) and decorate a library or den with.

Our goal is to collect all of the "This is.." series, and hopefully one day travel to each of the places featured....using these fabulous books as a tour guide:)  It would be really fun to get pictures of us at all of the places featured, and then make an album with us on one side and the illustration on the other.

There are 18 places featured, including Rome, Paris, London, New York, Edinburgh, Munich, Venice, San Francisco, Israel, Cape Canaveral, Ireland, Hong Kong, Greece, Texas, United Nations, Washington D.C, Australia, and Britain.

...Hint Hint for anyone wanting to buy us a gift:)


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