Friday, August 10, 2012

Going on a Dino Hunt...Gonna Catch a Big One!!

I received a few emails asking me about the "dino hunt" that I do with my son, on my "Tech Free Tuesdays".   I figured I would share it with you guys:) 

Let's start with the dinosaurs...they are small hard plastic dinosaurs (they are the size or "Army Men Toys").  I bought a bag of 12 for $1, at a party store.  I plan on going back for another bag, so we can expand our game. 

We actually play two different versions of our game. 

The first version is more of a dino dig.  I bury dinosaurs in his sandbox, and then we dig and search for them together.  He loves looking for them, and screams when he finds one.  The best part of this game, is that it teaches him how to count.  We have 12 dinosaurs, so after each hunt we have to count to make sure that we have found all 12.  He is really starting to understand the concept of numbers, and when we don't have all 12 he immediately starts to dig again.

Our second dino hunt game, is more like a treasure hunt.  I quickly hide dinosaurs along our walk route, so that we can hunt for them as we walk.

He loves searching for them, and filling our bucket.  It helps keep him involved in the walk, and looking at nature.

Both dino hunts are fun for both of us, and teach us a lot. (before the show "Dino Dan" and our hunts, I never knew the name of most dinosaurs) 

I have already come up with a few new versions of our favorite game.  I will share them with you guys if they are a hit!!

In the mean time give these two games a try!! 

If your kids are not into dinosaurs, or you can't find them... don't worry!!  You can use anything,  Playmobil People, Lego People, Squinkies...  

You can also make your own items, such as clothespin people, painted rocks, coins....  The options are endless, just like the games are.  I promise you that games like these (that are inexpensive and that you create with your child) are the ones that you will have the most fun playing, and that they will most likely remember and some day play with their own kids :)

Have you created any inexpensive games/activities with your kids?? 

Please share in the comments below or on our Facebook page:)


Grace said...

My 2 kids and I played both this weekend. We had a great time. Thank you:> Make sure you share any new games you come up with

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