Thursday, August 9, 2012

"I've Been Looking So Long At These Pictures of You..."

Little Orso Council Feature

I just received a wonderful birthday gift from my parents this Saturday, a high definition waterproof, shock proof, dust and sand proof, video camera from Costco. It is the Samsung W300, and is about the size of my iPhone.  This camera is perfect if you have kids!

We tried it out on Sunday in the pool with our two and half year old triplets and although it felt very strange letting the camera get wet, it worked great in the water. I never get pictures of the kids in the water, so this was wonderful! I  just put it around my wrist while I am holding one or two of our trio and grab it to snap photos or a quick video when they wanted to swim on their own or when daddy is tossing them in the air.  I am so excited to capture these moments where they are learning to swim.   They grow up so quickly and we miss capturing it because we are so busy watching all 3 at once all the time.

I haven't tried the floating strap, but thinking about it, it would have come in really handy when the kids wanted to jump to me from the side of the pool.  I could have just let the camera float next to me.  I will definitely be trying the floating strap during our 1st private swim lesson tomorrow.  The resulting HD videos were great when we watched them on the computer.  Even my hubby is impressed with this camera...being an Apple guy and always needing the latest and greatest technology.

My parents did upgrade the memory card to a larger faster card so I shouldn't have any problems with storage, so you may want to do the same.  They have a promotion right now for $30 off until the end of August and free shipping if you order online, so the cost is $119 plus tax right now. They also may carry them in stores, as that is where my parents purchased it. 

Luckily my parents bought this for me before I bought it myself!  What a great find for kids and family adventures!!!

***Jessica ( The Mom to Multiples)-  Jessica and I were neighbors and were pregnant together.  I still remember the day that they found out that they were having triplets (they were initially told that they were having twins).  I would probably be terrified, but Jessica and her husband (Mark) are champs and actually make it look easy.  Jessica spent many months on hospital bed rest, and always had a smile on her face.  She is an amazing mom, and I know that she will not only be in inspiration to all, but will be a great role model for those with and expecting multiples


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