Friday, August 3, 2012

"And You Were Just Too Busy Being Fabulous..."

When you have a baby boy, it is hard to find things that are fabulous.  There are a million cute accessories and clothes for baby girls, but trying to find the same for a baby boy is hard. There are cute clothes, but not too many accessories or anything "too over the top".  Sometimes you just want something a little over the top, or some cute accessories (especially for pictures).

Even though my son is now wearing toddler sizes, I still love to search for cute baby boy stuff.  I recently stumbled on a site that I wish I had found 2 years ago.  They have a bunch of great newborn stuff, and cute "take home outfit" options.  The name of the site is Born Fabulous, and the site is just that fabulous!!

How cute would this be for your birth announcement??

They carry really cute girls clothes and accessories, but for once a store carries similar items for baby boys.  I always loved the baby leg warmers, but could never find any that were very masculine. They also carry velcro ties, cute hats, and the little socks that look like shoes.

I think Daddy would even approve of these

Besides cute every day clothes and accessories, they also have a great selection of Halloween costumes and personalized gifts (we all know how much I love personalized gifts).

Great for Halloween or a friend that is a doctor

You can do most of your back to school shopping here too.  They have personalized lunch boxes, folders, notebooks, shirts...

However as someone that refers to our dog as my son's "brother", my favorite item of theirs is the personalized "I love my dog" shirts.  You can chose between blue stripes or pink dots, and have your dog's name written on it.  For kids that love dogs but do not have one, you can get "I Love Dogs".

Besides having a great selection of items, their prices are very reasonable.  They even offer a generous rewards program.  It is free to join. You can get cash back on every order, and points to spend on future orders.  The best thing that they offer is $10 off of your first order, and you can get it right away.  Just sign up to receive their newsletter and within minutes you will get an email for $10 off of your order :)

I am off to order an "I Love Jack" shirt, and figure out cute ways to take "brother shots" when it arrives:)


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