Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Picture Perfect!! **Local Gem**

Recently my husband and I renewed our vows, for our 10th wedding anniversary.  We had always planned on renewing our vows in the wedding chapel that we first got married at, in Las Vegas!!   However as you all know my husband is currently battling cancer, and could not travel that far.  I quickly scrambled to find an alternate way to celebrate.  I prayed that there was still a way for us to renew our vows. 

Luckily I found a minister that was available to do our renewal at a local park.  She also said that she would bring a photographer with her.  We were so excited about the photographer, because we did not have any professional photos of our family. (unless you can count the type where one of us holds the camera in front of us all)  We also did not have any of our son.  We had scheduled a shoot for our son months earlier, but the photographer flaked:(

The day of our renewal we were excited and nervous...would our son and dog be good through the ceremony?  Were we crazy for bringing the two of them?  We couldn't imagine leaving them out, but our dog is not good around other dogs and our son is in a crazy run away phase.  More importantly would we be able to get any good pictures taken of us, before things got crazy? ;)

Then our photographer showed up, and all of our worries were put on hold.  Diana was like a "baby whisperer", within seconds our son was smitten.  We had told Diana about our earlier failed photo session, so she promised to get a lot of great shots of our son.  We were so excited, but still worried that he would not sit still.  Diana put us in different poses, and kept us all laughing.  The afternoon felt like a day at the park with a friend.  Not only did we get a cd filled with fabulous family portraits, but she was able to complete something that we could never do...get our son and dog (fur baby) to pose for a picture together.  And more than one!!

We can not recommend Diana Kullman enough!!  She is based out of San Clemente, California.  She typically focuses on weddings, but since having her son she has started focusing on children too. I enjoy that every session is unlike any other.  Children allow me to express my creativity by living in the moment.  My goal is it to capture these precious moments.

Check out some of her work below...

Diana has offered Little Orso Readers a special deal...typically her sessions cost $350, but if you mention Little Orso then you will get $150 off of your session:)  I dare you to find a better deal, or a better photographer with children (and pets).

...yesterday I got a ton of emails asking to see our family (since I shared all of the Little Orso Council's families, so I figured what a better day to share:)  This is one of our favorites from our wedding renewal with Diana)


Brenda Talty said...

Your family is stunning.
I am going to share Diana with my friends that are pregnant and getting married.

Buckley said...

Thanks Brenda:)

I can't recommend her enough!!

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