Thursday, August 16, 2012

Love, Love, Love- Get me off of Etsy Edition!! :)

I have a serious addiction, and need help!!  I can not stop browsing Etsy, and putting things in my cart. One of my favorite things to do is put items in my online shopping cart at my favorite sites.  I know I could make wishlists, but there is something so much more enjoyable about actually putting them in your cart.  I am not buying most of them, but I still get to have fun shopping!!  I think it stems from my mom giving me catalogs when I was little, so I could circle what I wanted for Christmas.  There were 7 of us, so the catalogs came out a little earlier each year.  She had a lot of shopping to do:)

Here are some of the things that recently made my cart.  Don't blame me if Amazon and Etsy crash one day from over use;)

What a cool Tooth-Fairy pillow!!  And the Tooth-Fairy will have no troubling finding the teeth in the dark, with that big red "X" over it:)

Pirate Tooth- Fairy Pillow

These were made for Sesame Street Birthday parties.  You can have the street personalized, with your child's name. However I want one for the entrance to my son's play area.  How cute would it be in a yard, or next to a swing set too??

Personalized Sesame Street Sign

I have mentioned a few times that I am not a huge fan of baby leg warmers for little boys, because they always make them so cheesy.  However these are fabulous!!  I actually want a pair for me.  Seriously how cute would these be if you wore them like "80's leg warmers"??  Ok back to kids...I want these for my son, and wish I found them when he was still wearing onesies everyday.  I think they would be cute  for him to wear to his gym class, since they can't wear socks.

Football Striped Baby Leg Warmers

Ok so I may not have cured by "shopping addiction" today, but I did stick to the "rules" of my Love, Love, Love posts...3 items.  Baby steps people, baby steps!! Not to mention if I stopped shopping, then I would have nothing to share with you guys:)  See I have justified another evening of online browsing:)



Jackie F said...

I love your love lists. These are great & I would wear the sports socks as leg warmers too.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your LOVE posts too. I really like your idea about putting the Sesame Street sign in the yard. I am going to get one.

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