Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jackson's Make a Memory Collection

As you know, I love to share great infant loss resources when I come across them. My hope is that by sharing these, I am helping out fellow grieving parents.

Recently a fellow Baby Loss Mom, reached out to me.  Her name is Courtney, and she lost her son Jackson 2 months ago.  Although she is pretty new to the loss community, she has already started contributing and helping other families.  Her main focus right now, is her Jackson's Make a Memory Collection.  This is a charity that she started to collect books for her local NICU.  When Jackson was in the NICU, she found a lot of comfort in reading to her son.  She wants other parents to have this opportunity available to them. 

Her organization has already collected over 207 books. They are planning on installing a shelf in Jackson's honor, later this month. 

If you are interested in donating books, please contact Courtney at They need continuous donations, because they want the parents to feel free to take the books home with them.  They not only give comfort in the NICU, but in some cases become a physical item to hold on to.

Courtney has started various other activities, to help raise money for Jackson's Make a Memory Collection.  She has an infant loss store on Etsy called Jack's Boutique.  One of the neat things that she offers is "Graffiti Art".  People that have lost their child love to see their name written in different ways and places...Courtney has found a new beautiful way to do that for other families.  She writes your child's name on various locations in nature.  No two names are done the same...

Recently she did her own candle lighting, on August 19th (Day of Hope).  People were able to send in their child(ren)'s names, and she wrote them on individual candles.  At dark she lit each one, and captured the event beautifully.

She plans on doing another candle lighting on October 15th (Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day), and on all other major Infant Loss dates.  If you would like to have your child included in the next event, please contact her through her email address (seen above) or through her website.  A dollar donation is required, and will go to putting more books on their shelf.

Please take a moment out to read about all of Courtney's beautiful work.  Also consider making a donation, or starting something similar at your local NICU.  This is a great way to clean out your own library, and make a huge impact in someone else's life!!


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