Monday, August 27, 2012


This is one of those items that I wish that I had bought when my son was born.  Anytime I feel that way, I know that it means that I should be sharing it with all of you!!

My biggest pet peeve with our swing, bouncy seat, or any other infant item was that the music would stop way too soon!!  I spent most of my time standing next to him, so I could restart the music on whatever he was resting in... And then those few glorious moments that I got to close my eyes next to him, were often cut short by the music stopping and him waking up.  Seriously who decided to make the music stop after 20 minutes??  Obviously not a new parent, that knows that once it stops the screaming usually starts!

My son is way too big for any of the items mentioned above, but we do still turn on music/white noise when he takes a nap.  It helps ensure our escape from his room, and drowns out the day time noise on our street.  However all of the items that we used, would end after 20-30 minutes.  One of the tools mentioned to correct middle of the night waking up, was white noise.  I decided that we needed to finally find something that played until I turned it off (aka all night long). 

After reading a ton of reviews, I decided on the Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine.  And now is when I ask you, why the hell didn't I get this earlier??  It is fabulous!!  There are 12 sounds, some lullabies some white noise (such as a stream, storm, whales...)  If you push the top, a soft blue light comes on.  It is supposed to be soothing for them, but it is also great for checking on them during the night.  There is a timer that you can set on it, but otherwise it goes until you turn it off.  So exciting:)  Everything that I was looking for and more...including an MP3 plug and storage spot and the option to plug it in instead of using batteries.  I am so excited about the MP3 plug, because that means we can use it during the day too.  My son loves listening to music while he plays.

The Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine is very affordable at $40.  So far I can not find one thing wrong with it, and he has been taking 3 hour naps every day since getting it.  I actually had to turn it off to wake him up last week.  This is one of those times that I am happy to live in a small home, we can hear it in our bedroom too:)  ...and it is very soothing to sleep to.

Buy one today!!  If you are expecting you will love me when your baby arrives, and you actually can sit for more than 20 minutes.  If you have an older child you will still love me, when they actually sleep through their nap/the night.  And if you don't have kids you will love me too, because this one is just as great as an expensive well known brand's sleep machine (actually better because of the light and MP3 plug).  And it is literally half of the price. (as you can see above they didn't make it very "baby" looking either)

Sweet dreams!!!


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