Thursday, July 12, 2012

Writing on the Wall ♥

As a baby loss parent, I like to shop for my daughter too.  To those of you that have not lost a child this may seem strange or sad.  However remembering my daughter, and doing little things to keep her "alive", is the greatest gift that I can give her...and myself!!  Even though she lives in heaven, she is still my daughter and will always be a part of our family and home.  We buy little items every once in a while, that remind us of her.  I am always searching for beautiful items that I can buy in honor of her, and I love sharing them with the rest of the infant loss community. 

A friend recently sent me a link for a site called Writing on the Wall.  They sell beautiful items with vinyl lettering, such as blocks, signs and boards. Most of the items have beautiful sayings or quotes on them.  However the reason that this site stood out above the rest, is because they have an entire section devoted to the baby loss community.  The owner of Writing on the Wall, Misty, is a fellow baby loss parent. She lost her sweet son Isaac in April of 2009.  She decided to make a baby board for Isaac, as a way of remembering him.

The sign gave her a lot of comfort, and made her happy every time that she saw it. Misty decided that she should offer these signs to other families that have lost a child. (she also offers them for living children- they would make a fantastic baby shower gift).  The boards are 100% custom made, and you can personalize them yourself.  Many people people have their child's name, and then have a quote written through them.

The baby boards typically sell for $15 + shipping.  However if you are a baby loss parent, she offers a discount on both the item and the shipping. (they are $17.50 total).  Misty dreams of being able to offer them for less, or even free.  That is why supporting small businesses like this is so important.  Please keep businesses like this, in mind when making your yearly donations or holding charity events.

I plan on buying two signs, one for my son and one for my daughter.  One of the hardest things about losing a child and then having another, is that you will never have a picture of your children together.  It brings a lot of comfort to be able to do things for both of them.  It bridges them together,and keeps your angel included.  I can't wait to see their two signs hanging together in my home.  It will give me a taste of what it feels like to see your children playing together.

Whether you are a baby loss parent or not, you should definitely head over and check out Writing on the Wall today.  There is definitely something for everyone!!

***For a list of other infant loss organizations and sites check out my Infant Loss Resource Page


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