Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Life is About Using the Whole Box of Crayons."

My son is obsessed with coloring right now!!  He grabs the craft bag that I made for him, at least 4 times a day!!  I was obsessed with coloring when I was little, so I love having this activity to bond over!! 

I don't want him to lose interest, so I keep trying to find ways to make coloring more exciting.  We have coloring books, coloring placemats, construction paper, jumbo crayons, triangle crayons....

I am constantly on the hunt for cool new coloring products, here are some of my current favorites!!!

Wooden Crayon Truck

Crayon Sash

People Colors Crayons

Crayon Travel Wallet

Dry Erase Activity Mat

Mustache Crayons

Crayon Rub Art

Lego Crayons

8 in 1 Crayon

Coloring is a great activity for hot days!! Do you color when the weather is hot? What items or projects are your favorites?

As you know I am always on the hunt for new great things:)


Anonymous said...

just ordered a wallet and 8/1 crayon for our upcoming trip. thanks these will be a huge help

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