Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Little Orso Bookshelf- Cozy Day at Home Edition

Today's Little Orso Bookshelf post, is kind of a hybrid.  I am also featuring some really cozy pajamas:)

My favorite thing to do with my son, is snuggle up and read. (when he will sit still).  Luckily he loves books, and I can usually entice him to sit and read with me.  Recently he received a fabulous gift, a "books to bed gift set" from Chasing Fireflies.

I am not really sure which thing we are more excited about, the book or the pajamas.  Let's start with the book, How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night, it is an adorable book about little dinosaurs and what they do before bed.  It has become a bedtime favorite in our house.  The illustrations are so cute, which makes the pajamas a hit...they are covered in images from the book.  They are also extremely soft!!

These are not only one of my new favorite gifts, but we plan to buy every set ourselves.  There is nothing better than a gift that encourages reading.  They also have sets for Guess How Much I love You

...and Goodnight Moon.

Three fantastic books for all ages!!

The pajamas run from 12 months to size 7.  I wish they came in Adult sizes too:)

This would make a great back to school gift.  Have them wear them the night before the first day, and you are guaranteed a great morning picture:)...and hopefully a child that is excited to go to school and read!!

As I mentioned last week, I plan on starting a new tradition of taking Tuesdays off of the computer.  I am calling them Tech Free Tuesdays, and plan on doing crafts, adventures, movies, reading....  Last week we had a great day of organizing, and then a dino hunt in our neighborhood.  I recommend you all give it a try, it is so freeing and relaxing!!  Even if you have to work or go to school, take the day off of gossip and social media.  Yes, it is fun to read, but so exhausting!!

Today we are going to read, and wear our fabulous dino pajamas.  Maybe with all of my free time, I can figure out how to sew a pair of pajamas for Mommy and Daddy Orso (and the dog) :)


Laura said...

This is the 3rd thing I have bought off of your blog today. I ordered a pair for all 3 kids. You are killing me. lmbo

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