Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"To Market, To Market, To Buy a Plum Cake..."

My son is a huge fan of his Little Tikes toys.  He has the Cozy Truck, Easy Score Basketball Hoop, Turtle Sandbox, Count and Play Cash Register...and now the Neighborhood Market. We won the Neighborhood Market from one of their Twitter Giveaways.

Here he is in his market.  He has spent almost every waking moment in it, since we got it last week.  I can see why, it is a fabulous item. The plastic doors slide back and forth, the awning comes down (when the market is closed), the board up top is a chalkboard so you can write messages on it...and look at all the accessories that it comes with.

My son is obsessed with the cash register and ice cream scooper.  We also added a few items to our market.  I gave him a dish towel to hang on the side of his counter, and some empty mini cereal boxes.

The market did come in pieces, and required about an hour to put it together, but it wasn't very difficult to assemble.

We won ours during their Alex's Lemonade Stand promotion, so we plan on having a lemonade stand of our own to raise money for them.  This toy is definitely sturdy and significant enough, to do something like that with it.  We had planned on setting it up in his section in the garage, but it is just too cute to not have on display in our house.

If you are looking for a large item for a birthday or the holidays, this is the one to get.  There is so much to do, and it teaches them so much, like organization, counting, colors, different foods... I am so happy that it is durable too, because I see many years of fun with it.  We had some older kids (4-10 years old) in the neighborhood over yesterday, and they loved it too.

We have been very pleased by every one of our Little Tikes purchases. (we actually have quite a few of their items on our Christmas list)  They are having a Christmas in July Sale, so head over and stock up on some items.  I would definitely recommend this Market, it is one of those toys that you will enjoy playing with too.

There is nothing cuter that having your child make you an ice cream cone:)

***We received this item for free, but were not under any obligation to post or share the product.  This post is 100% the opinion of Little Orso, and has not been influenced in any way.


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