Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mini Me

Every day I wish that I could just keep my son the age that he is now forever.  They just grow up so fast!! I try to take pictures, make videos, and do projects that will help me capture this age forever.

Recently I found an Etsy store, that helped me "keep a piece of my son this age forever".  The store is called Ichi My Love, and they make personalized felt dolls (and other adorable felt toys).  I just sent them a picture of my son, in one of his favorite outfits...

...and she asked me to send her a picture of his shoes too.

And this is what I got 2 weeks later!!!  A mini version of my son:)  The details are incredible, especially the shoes (I am so glad she asked to see them).

I love how the doll looks like him, but in a "cartoonesque way".  Otherwise it would be a little creepy for him to walk around with it.  I actually bought it to put on his bookshelf as decor, but my son loves this little doll.  It is the perfect size for him to carry, and stick inside his block creations.

They dolls are very reasonably priced ($19.50), so they make a great gift.  I found similar items at two and three times the price, and they weren't as cute.

I think I am going to get one made of our entire family (including our dog if they are up for it).  I can't think of a better way for him to play house, than with his actual family.  Also it will be fun for him to see Mommy and Daddy as a doll, and forever looking like we did when he was a baby. (secretly I may carry mine around with me in a few years;) )


Marisa said...

Love the doll & the model. Your son is really cute.

Anonymous said...

ordering 1 now

Leslie said...

You really have a gift for finding great items, some tv station or magazine should hire you. Or you should start your own store. I am going to DM you some contact people.

Buckley said...

Wow!! Thanks for all the kind messages.

Leslie I look forward to your message. Please send it to

I actually have something big in the works:)

Ichimylove said...

I'm very glad to heard that your son also love his doll ^_^

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