Monday, July 9, 2012

Vehicular Fashion!!

I saw the coolest item on tv last week.... (I feel like I start too many sentences with this line, that is probably why I am starting to look like a potato;))

They are called, Wearables from a company called Kids Construction.  They are cardboard vehicles, that you decorate, assemble, and then wear.  My excitement for them, probably stems from my dream of getting to drive a bulldozer...that and my love for coloring.  Luckily for me, my son has inherited this love of trucks and coloring.  I can't wait to buy him one of these:) 

Right now they have three vehicles to choose from; Stunt Plane, Princess Carriage, and Dozer.  Each is cuter than the next.  These would be fantastic for a birthday party.  It gives you an activity to do, and then a great party favor to take home.  Another huge plus, is that they can be played with outdoors or indoors.  Making them a great year round item.

Kids Construction is a small American based company, so you can feel good about your purchase.  There is nothing  better than supporting a small business, and getting a quality made item in return!!


Keri Danielson said...

I am buying one of each.
I love your blog;> I feel like you are my shopping buddy

Buckley said...

Thanks Keri!!
That is why I started this blog, to shop with all of you:)
Let me know what you think of your Wearables, when they arrive!!

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