Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Little Orso Bookshelf- Cluck Cluck Cluck Edition:)

Recently I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peak of an up and coming children's publishing line.  The company is called Three Chicken Books, and they already have two fabulous books available to the public.

Three Chicken Books is the brainchild of a dear friend of mine, named Barak Maguen.  Barak is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist in Los Angeles, but wanted to pursue a passion on the side.  He has always been one of my most creative friends, I remember him drawing me funny pictures back in the 7th grade. 

He has taken this creativity and intelligence, and has created a fantastic line of books.  The illustrations alone will keep your kids hooked, but the stories are actually really entertaining...plus they have great messages!!

The Snail Who Lost His Trail

The Snail Who Lost His Trail, is about a snail that loses his trail.  He searches everywhere and worries that he will never find it again.  Kids of all ages can relate to losing a part of them (or favorite toy), and fearing that they will never get it back.  The pictures of this snail on the hunt are hilarious, and will keep your kids interested in what happens next.  The ending has a sweet message about not getting too worked up, and that things usually work out in the end.

The Octopus Who Tried To Grow A Mustache

The Octopus Who Tried to Grow a Mustache, is an adorable book about an octopus trying to fit in with his friends.  He goes to extraordinary measures to look like them. This book will have you and your children cracking up, at what silly thing the octopus will try next.  Just like The Snail That Lost His Trail, this book has a great feel good ending.

I could go on about these books all day long, but don't want to ruin them for you!!  We got advanced e copies of both, and my son loved them.  Typically he only likes to read if he gets to hold the book and turn the pages, so the fact that he listened to a book on my computer says a lot about them!!

The Octopus Who Tried To Grow a Mustache

Three Chicken Books is currently working on a book called Chickens for Charity.  The book will be filled with hand drawn chickens by students and celebrities.  The proceeds from this book will help fund after school programs.  Having the freedom to do wonderful things like this, is why Barak started his own publishing group.  He now has the freedom to create his characters any way that he likes, and have them help do good:)

To grab your very own copy of these hilarious books, go to www.threechickenbooks.com


Candy Given said...

These are adorable;>

You have the best book selections. Did you ever work at a book store? You should open one.

Anonymous said...

The octopus is really cute. Do they have plush characters?

Dr Barak said...

Dear Mr. or Mrs. or Dr. Anonymous,
Yes! We are absolutely going to make plush toys down the road. I have actually constructed a prototype which can be viewed on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/threechickenbooks there is also a funny video there as well. If you join my Facebook page and send me message I will let you know as soon as they become available.

Dr. Barak

Buckley said...

Candy- I never worked in a book store, but did spend quite a few years working in a toy store that carried kids books:)

Yay for Three Chicken Plush:) We will also update our Facebook page, to let you all know when the plush is available!!

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