Friday, July 6, 2012

Mommy's Helper :)

Being the mom of a toddler, amongst other things, makes life a never ending high speed roller coaster.  Most days I pass out on the couch right after my son goes to sleep, wondering what I actually did that day.

That is why when I find a really great item that helps me keep my sanity, I feel the need to share it with other parents.

My two favorites right now are...

Me4kidz Medibuddy on the go first aid kits are amazing.  They have everything you need to take care of minor injuries.  Just knowing I have mine with me makes me feel better...I tend to be a worrier;) The kit includes latex free bandaids, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, ointment, knee and elbow bandages, a sting relief pad, and a burn relief pad.

They also come with stickers to cheer up a sad little face:)

My second item may not seem like something that belongs on a kids shopping blog...but hear me out;)

Since having my son, my husband and I barely get to finish a conversation.  This is why there have been way too many occasions, that have resulted in my emptying a dirty dishwasher (we never get time to tell the other person that we emptied and reloaded the dishwasher again).

After putting away dirty dishes (then having to hunt for them all to re-wash them...and realizing that was too hard so just washing everything in my kitchen), I realized it was time to come up with a better system, besides asking each other if the dishwasher was clean.  I started hunting for cute dishwasher signs, and found a perfect one on Etsy.  (I always find everything I need on there)  These signs have magnets on the back, and come with a magnetic strip to adhere to your dishwasher.  They are very modern looking, and come in quite a few cool color combinations. (I bought a stainless steel one that matches my dishwasher perfectly).  There is a little knob on the front that lets you change the message from "dirty" to "clean".  It looks like one of those automated subway signs.

I love mine, and since getting it there have not been any new dirty dish issues.  Dishwasher sign, the store that sells them, also makes a cute sign for your kids door.  It changes from "sleep" to "awake".  I think I have that one down, but for homes with lots of people I am sure it comes in very is also really cute:)


Jessica said...

dishwasher sign rocks thanks for posting about it!!

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