Saturday, December 10, 2011

You Know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer....

This is what we will be doing today...or a version of it!!

This is a craft that I found on the Disney Family Fun site.  It is a great for all ages.  With the younger ones (like my son), it is a fun way to remember how little their hands once were.  Obviously Mom and Dad will be decorating the reindeer for the little ones.  Older children will have a fun time decorating their own reindeer.

I plan on making these on felt instead of construction paper.  I also plan on turning mine into an ornament, and writing the date on the back.  I figured I could do my son's first 8 Christmases, and on his 8th Christmas we would have Santa's full reindeer team:)  There are a lot of other upgrades you could do:  You could make them on leather, make their collar out of leather, put Swarovski crystals or bells on the collar, add synthetic hair, make the antlers from sticks...I could go on forever.  

The best part of crafting, is putting your own twist on it.

Have a fun day crafting!!  Share your finished products on our Facebook page.  The most creative one will win a prize!!! (post them by  12/13 )


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