Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just a Little Something

Today I decided to share some of my favorite last minute gifts, or stocking stuffers...

The Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes is a radio that makes music, and the lights flash. It is great for newborns through 18 months.

 The Twilight Hypercolor Thinking Putty, is putty that changes colors according to temperature.  The temperature of the room, or your hands will change it.  Just throw it in the fridge when you want it to go back to the original state.  It is great for all ages (that do not put things in their mouths)

Mickey Mouse Tshirt it is available from size 12-18months through 5t at Old Navy.

This is one of the new Pee Wee Pillow Pets.  They are about half the size of the originals (yet still as cute and fluffy).  These would be great for travel, or to take in the car or stroller for naps.

This is really cool.  All you need is this kit and your Ipad, and you have a fully animated racetrack.  You can drive the cars right on the screen, and it will adjust to the car's movements.

This Caterpillar Gear Puzzle is fun for the young ones.  They can take the pieces out and rearrange them anyway that they like. Then when they are in an order they like, they can start turning away.  It will amaze little ones that all the pieces will move, by just turning the one gear.

 Who wouldn't love this cute Brobee Beanie??  It is a one size fits all youth beanie, that will definitely get some compliments.

I have been told that these (Trash Pack Trashies) are this generations Garbage Pail Kids.  They are gross little figurines, which come in their own trashcan.  Just like all things like this...the more you have the better!!  You could break a set like this up, and have a few little gifts for last minute visitors.  Or leave it to together for one lucky little one.

The Decorate Your Own Door Hanger is great for the creative kid, or the ones that just wants to make it very clear whose room this is.

 This Angry Bird Stuffed Animal  makes all of the fun sounds from the game.  It is fun for any Angry Bird fan!!  Just give it a squeeze!!


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