Friday, December 23, 2011

Different, Contrary, Incommensurable, Offbeat, Unalike...

Today I thought I would share some gift options, that are anything but "ordinary"!!!

I am terrified of staph infection, what a better way to get over it than to cuddle with it!!!

A new take on hand and shadow puppets. 

A different kind of bedtime story. When those you are afraid of are scared!!!!

Why grow a garden of pretty flowers?? When you can grow a garden of Carnivores (venus fly trap, sundew plant)

What a cool rattle??!! They also have taxis, firetrucks, and footballs!!

When regular Legos are just too boring!!  It's time to make the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum!!


Anonymous said...

These are a hoot :> Your site rocks!

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